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15 Things You Should Do at the Wedding Fair…


A Head Over Heels Blog Series by Josey Stafford

It’s that time of year again, when wedding fairs are numerous, when everyone gets engaged… it’s time for you to start planning your wedding. Here are 15 Things You Should Do at The Minneapolis Wedding Fair:

  1. Mark your parking spot
    Because after you leave this marathon of a wedding event, you might be disoriented! Downtown doesn’t have to be a scary place to park, use the Third Avenue parking entrance, east of the Convention Center, yes, it’s paid. Or if you are pinching those wedding pennies, scope out my favorite places to park on E 14th or 15th St between Nicollet and 1st Ave.
  2. Go early
    Every year there is a line of eager beavers waiting to explore the world of Minnesota weddings. Grab a cup of coffee and arrive early so you can enter with ease!
  3. Go with friends
    Yes. You need an ‘I do’ crew to help you sift through the many vendors that will be vying for your attention. Make it a fun event and bring your mom, your aunt and your best friend, oh yeah, and your fiancé.
  4. Have a list of vendors you need
    What ever stage you are at in your wedding planning you should make a list of the vendors you are interested in talking with at the fair, these are vendors that you haven’t yet booked and signed contracts for, for your wedding day.
  5. Think about your overall budget
    While you may not know exactly how much a floral covered arbor will cost, you do know how much you can spend on your wedding. Keep that number in mind when you are looking at vendors and seeing dollar signs floating around.
  6. Talk to everyone
    Once you’ve made a list of vendors that you need, I urge you to still talk to vendors that you don’t need. They may have more than one service that they offer, they may have excellent tips and referrals that you wouldn’t have gotten if you had just swiftly tromped past their booth attempting to give them the cold shoulder and completely avoiding eye contact. Give ’em a chance, you just don’t know what you’ll hear.
  7. Ask vendors if they have a show promotion
    Many vendors are interested in booking clients at the fair (just kidding, all of them are) and that means they might be running an exclusive promotion. If a vendor seems a bit beyond your budget, ask if they have a discount for booking an appointment or their services at the fair.
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