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5 Insane Things Brides Have Asked Their Bridesmaids to Do…


Just when you thought being forced to wear a taffeta gown with a ’90s-style prom updo to match was bad, these bridezillas had to go and take it up a notch in terms of absurd bridesmaid requests. From expecting their friends to actually fly in just to get alterations done to straight up demanding that they have their hair chemically straightened, here are some of the craziest things brides have asked their maids to do all in the name of “love.”

Lose weight or get photoshopped out

“First, the bride told me I needed to shell out money for a Brazillian blowout. Then to pony up $1,000 for her bachelorette party, and if I couldn’t afford it (I couldn’t) to just ask my parents. The worst, however, was being told I was fat and that I had to lose weight or she’d make the photographer photoshop me out of the wedding photos,” — Hallie

Book a flight to get your dress altered

“My cousin had bridesmaid dresses custom designed for us, and boasted that there were free alterations, however, we had to hop on a plane and fly to the seamstress to get said alterations done. After I had already booked my non-refundable plane ticket, the seamstress decided to up and elope to Germany,” — Lindsay

Fly in every time I want to go dress hunting

“On top of wanting me to get my curls relaxed so I could have straight hair for her big day, the bride also demanded that I go on every single dress hunt excursion with her; the only problem was I lived 3,000 miles away, and there were like 12 total! Needless to say, I opted out of being in the wedding, as there was no way I could possibly meet her expectations. Did I mention that she wanted another friend of ours to dye her naturally red hair brown to match the other bridesmaids? Oh, and that she picked out $700 dresses for us?” — Summer

Lotion up my body, please

“My sister was a bridesmaid in a wedding where the bride stripped naked the morning of and actually required her bridesmaids to rub lotion all over her body,” — Alex

Do your hair my way and pay for it

“One wedding I was in the bride told all of us that if our hair turned out too ‘prom like’ that we would be banned from photos. This was basically her way of retaliating since we had opted to have our hair done by someone that cost half as much as her stylist. She even had the nerve to appoint one bridesmaid ‘hairmaster’. We were allowed to pick from a list of 12 hairstyles, and they were all subject to her final approval. And yes, we were the ones paying!” — Amanda

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