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Social media consumes a lot of our everyday life. You are probably used to sharing updates on your life with those distant relatives on Facebook, and sharing your selfies on Instagram.

You have probably even used Pinterest to help you plan your special day. But should social media be incorporated into your wedding day?

Now, we do not necessarily recommend going live on Facebook or Instagram during your ceremony, but there are some unique ways to incorporate social media at your wedding.

You Need A Hashtag

If you’ve been to a wedding in the past few years, you have probably noticed that everyone has a wedding hashtag. While your wedding photographer will capture the big day beautifully, sometimes it is fun to see your guests’ silliest selfies or behind-the-scenes of your reception. Having a wedding hashtag is a great way to encourage your guests to share their photos and experiences. This is also convenient because they will all be in one place after your wedding, instead of messaging everyone individually asking them to send you the photos. It can be fun to look through the posts during your travels to your honeymoon!

But how do you come up with a wedding hashtag? You want something simple, easy to remember, and unique to you. Check out our tips to come up with the perfect hashtag. 

Get A Snapchat Filter

Who doesn’t love a Snapchat filter? Snapchat actually lets you create custom filters on their website. You simply make your design, choose the location, the date and times it will run for, and DONE! This option does have a cost associated with it, but is relatively inexpensive. We suggest a simple design, with your names and wedding date. This will surely be a hit with your social media obsessed friends! Tip: encourage your guests to save these images to their camera roll before they disappear on Snapchat!

Get Your Vendors Involved

Wedding vendors typically have a social media presence, so don’t forget to include them! We love to be a part of your big day. When posting before, during, and after your wedding, don’t forget to tag them. We love to see our happy couples’ photos and videos from their big day. If you want your wedding to be seen on social media, then tag your vendors to increase the audience. 


Live streaming your ceremony is hit or miss. Some people love the idea, and some hate it. Live streaming your ceremony may be a great idea if you are having a destination wedding or if some guests just cannot make it to your big day.

By live streaming your ceremony, it can make those relatives feel like they are still a part of your special day. If choosing to livestream, be sure to set up the details in advance. You will want to share the instructions to watch early, so your loved ones can figure it out prior to you saying your vows. If you don’t livestream, you will still have a beautiful wedding video to look back on and share with loved ones. 


If you want your wedding to be a hit on Instagram, then it has to be Instagram-worthy. What does that mean? Well, for your guests who take pride in their beautiful Instagram-feed, then your wedding has to feature things that they want to post. Custom backdrops like greenery or floral walls are popular to encourage your guests to take some photos and share on their Instagram accounts. Custom neon signage is a unique touch. The more creative you are, the more your guests will want to share their time at your wedding. Donut wall anyone?

Social Media

In the end, the use of social media at your wedding is up to you. If you want an unplugged day, then you can also enforce that. Or perhaps you want an unplugged ceremony, but a digitally engaged reception. Decide what is best for your wedding day!

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