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7 Tips From Recently Married Wedding Pros…


Recently our Head Over Heels blogging team had a great conversation with several hundred wedding professionals from across the country who have recently been married.

We asked them for their top suggestion for couples planning their wedding and also what their top wedding planning regrets were.

Here are 7 tips based on what these wedding pros experienced.

  1. Be honest and realistic about your wedding budget.

Too many times people tell wedding pros that “it’s OK, we’ll find some way to cover that.” Or, the wedding guests list grows to fill the event space. Not only does it stretch your wedding budget, but in a lot of cases, the number of wedding guests listed as the maximum might actually be a little tight.

  1. Ask your wedding photography to see an entire wedding gallery.

You don’t want only to see a portfolio of ‘best of’ images. Anyone can get one or two great photos from a wedding and showcase them with the best picture from a dozen other weddings.

child holding a camera - look at your wedding photographers entire wedding gallery

  1. Look at your contracts, read them, and understand what you are signing.

Surprisingly, as these wedding pros actually took time to read other people’s contracts, they were surprised at some of the inclusions and things they would have never considered.


surprised bride - read your wedding contracts

  1. Invest in a videographer!

When we asked these wedding pros about their biggest wedding, regret HUGE numbers said that they wished they had hired a videographer. There were things like there were toasts, and special moments they wanted, and they kept having people ask them, “did you see?”

They felt like they miss so much of the wedding action trying to speak to all of the guests.

old film countdown

  1. Don’t buy everything you see in your wedding colors.

There is a good chance your wedding colors might change during your wedding planning.

You might end up wasting money on a bunch of stuff that does not go together and won’t get used.

  1. Budget for rental items

Chances are your florist does not have all of the decor that is needed to bring your Pinterest board to life.

Budget for rentals…the specialty kind (not just traditional tables & chairs). Most of the stuff you see on Pinterest, it’s rentable and above and beyond the reasonable budget for flowers.

  1. Do your research!

Don’t just look at their fancy website and reviews. Ask your other vendors, make sure you see their licenses and insurance.

Hire pros and then let them do the job you hired them to do!









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