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A Forrest Gump Engagement…


Cristina & John
Date: July 22, 2017
Location: Arlington Hall at Lee Park, Texas

It was like straight out of the movie Forrest Gump…

Jenny Curran: Why are you so good to me?

Forrest Gump: You’re my girl!

Jenny Curran: [pause] I’ll always be your girl.

From the Couple:

“John and I met 5 years ago, November 2012. At the time I was going to college in Richmond, VA but my parents were living in Texas. I was home on Thanksgiving break for a total of 3 days and met John during that visit home. We actually met while temporarily working at Victoria’s Secret, while folding yoga pants in the stock room, ha! I Facebook creeped John the night we met, exchanged phone numbers via Facebook and the rest is history….”

The Engagement

“John proposed 4 years later on Christmas Eve surrounded by our parents, his grandmother, sister and nephew. He was home on a 2-week leave from the Marine Corps training pipeline which lasted a total of 8 months.”

Wedding Bells

“Our wedding is August 26, at the Piazza in the Village in Colleyville, TX. This was the first venue we ever visited and immediately fell in love with it upon entering the Chapel. ‘At Last,’ by Etta James was playing and I got tears in my eyes. After our tour at the Piazza, they rang the wedding bells from the venue’s tower and knew in that moment that we had to get married there! Our wedding will incorporate a few Romanian traditions, as my side of the family, including myself, is from Romania!”

Photographer:  Brandi McComb Photography // Photography Location: Arlington Hall at Lee Park//


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