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bridal/couple photo shoot with happy photo!!…


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Hi I’m Emily & here’s the story of Happy Photo!

April of 2017 I stumbled across a VW bus at a local event and caught the bus bug. It wasn’t even a month later when I came across this 1978 VW Vanagon on Craigslist. It was in rough shape and had “bus cancer” (what our body shop called rust.) But it was still running, so I bought it on the spot. It took about a month to finally decide on a paint color then sent it to the shop!

Picking up the bus from the body shop was one of the happiest days of my life. The bodywork expense was WAY more than I had expected & panic happened when I realized they didn’t take credit cards.. so I quickly made a few sacrifices.. selling almost all of my clothes, old instruments, I even popped into a pawn shop and sold one of my cameras trying to scrape enough money up to cover the extra thousand I hadn’t prepared for.. but luckily I DID it!

As cheesy as it sounds, I cried when I pulled up and finally saw the bus completed. I had been working and saving for so long I never thought I’d just drop it all for a 78′ VW bus.

& to most people, this is just a bus- but to me, this was all of my work over the past years. Scrimping and saving, overnight shifts at Whataburger, my old 9 to 5 assistant position and all the holidays I had to work at a hotel. It was all of the hours spent editing wedding photos, all of the times I said no to going out to eat, or no to the cute pair of shoes, like this bus embodied everything I’d ever done and it was perfect. + I’m so HAPPY I get to share it with this business.

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