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Decorating your wedding signs…


As your big day closes in and the bells are starting to ring, recheck your wedding to-do list and make sure wedding signage is on there! A wedding welcome sign is the first piece of decor your guest will see and it should offer a taste of what your guests expect from your big day. While Paperlust is taking care of the design and the printing on your signage, the final look is yours to decide. Here are some ideas on how to decorate your wedding sign to tie it all together.

Add flowers

Get your florist or get crafty and make a flower arrangement to adorn your wedding sign with. If you are making your own arrangement, the key is getting a stable oasis or bouquet holder and a lot of cable ties!

Antique frame

What’s old is new again with a modern wedding that reuses antique decor! Frame your welcome sign or seating chart in an antique frame with gold or copper finishes to bedazzle your guest back to an era of glamour and elegance. An important note: make sure you measure the inside area of your frame precisely.

Hang in there!

Another creative way to display your signage is by hanging them with a hanging stand instead of the classic easel. It’s modern, minimal and coming into trend. This sign can be easily built by using a narrow cheap clothes rack as the base (be sure that it’s not too big or your sign may look small overall), painting it to your desired color and source matching ties to hang your sign with. If DIY is not your thing, you could easily buy a hanging stand online. The other thing to note with the hanging frame is if you are placing the sign out doors, be sure that it’s idea heavy enough or has the option of being tied down so that the wind does not blow it away.

Wedding Seating Arrangement cards

Wedding seating arrangement cards sometimes referred to as escort cards or seating chart cards, are a fun way to get your guest mingling while finding their seating placement. These cards are either printed by table number or in alphabetical order and can be flexible to suit any decoration. You can string them up and peg them to any board, frame each card or even hang them!

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