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Eat Something!…


We hear it all the time. “I know I’m not going to get to eat on my wedding day.”


You’ve hired an amazing caterer, picked some of your favorite foods, and despite the fact that you REALLY need to eat something on your wedding day, you should be able to enjoy it.

Here are a few great tips so you eat and enjoy the food you picked.

First, start with a good breakfast, make sure you order some food in advance, and be sure to get some sliced fruit, a light salad and maybe some finger sandwiches for when you are going hair and makeup and getting dressed.

Planning Is Key

Be sure to ask your caterer to set your sweetheart table with a selection of your cold hors d’oeuvres. The hot hors d’oeuvres might not be hot and fresh by the time you get to the table, so have them double up on some cold hors d’oeuvres.

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First In Line

Be sure to make sure that if you have a plated meal that you and your new spouse are served first, it gives you the opportunity to eat and then make your way around greeting guests.

Running Interference

Get someone in your wedding planner or wedding party to run interference! Guests will somehow make their way to your table, mid-bite. Having someone there to cut them off, take the envelope they HAVE TO give to you mid-meal give you the chance to eat a few bites in peace.

Your Happy Place

If at all possible, arrange for a table for two to be set in a separate room nearby, Nothing fancy, just a table, two chairs, basic linen, two glasses of water, your favorite cocktail and your salad course and some fresh bread!

Sneak away at the end of your cocktail hour, spend some time together and enjoy your first course.

This way you will be finished as guests find their seats, and right on cue for introductions.

The downtime will help you relax … and your wedding photographer can sneak some great photos too!

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