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 Eating Dinner Backward…


One of the most significant steps in wedding planning can be scheduling a tasting with your wedding venue or caterer.

It’s a fun experience for many couples, it’s an opportunity to enjoy delicious foods you might be considering for your wedding reception.

One of our favorite tips when picking your wedding reception menu is to work backward.

We’re sure you know your family and friends; are the foodies or have more simple tastes?

When couples are picking the entrée for their wedding reception, most want to stick with foods that are somewhat familiar to a large number of your guests. So pick that first.

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Whether you are planning on a buffet reception, a plated entrée or a dual entrée picking the entrees first helps to keep you from picking too many similar items for your salad, hors d’oeuvres or stations for your cocktail reception.

Here’s what we mean:

Let’s say you picked a chicken breast with brie and spinach for one of your entrees. Knowing that first, you might not want to choose a spinach salad or something like baked brie or spanakopita for your cocktails hour.

Knowing what is in your entrée selections and salad allows you to be a little more fun and playful with your cocktail hour foods.

You want to pick a mix of meats, chicken, seafood and vegetarian items; mix things up. It’s a great way to enjoy some of your favorite foods that you might not usually server family and friends.

wedding reception - catering - wedding reception food - picking food for your wedding reception

If guests don’t like seafood or eat oysters; there are other foods they might like being passed or displayed.

So, pick your main course first, work backward from there and enjoy the experience of selecting the food for your wedding reception!

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