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Getting Married in Minnesota | Meet Dishing with My Daughter…


A Head Over Heels Blog Series by Josey Stafford

Your newly engaged and we all couldn’t be more excited for you! Perhaps you are thinking about the kind of wife you want to be and the sort of life you want to live. You are whipping everything in your life into shape, your triceps (strapless dress ya’ll!), your diet, and your housewares wish list. Instead of falling into the trap of overwhelm or ending up unaccomplished, reach out for help.

Dishing with My Daughter is just the help you need, it is all about health and wellness for mothers and for daughters. Personal health coaching, wellness workshops, and lunch and learns are all opportunities for you to get healthy for your wedding and for life. Who better to help you through this journey than your mother, your best friend, your maid of honor or your spouse-to-be?

At least that’s the way that owners Pam and Allie see it. A dynamic duo, they each have qualities that together make them an unstoppable force in your life.

You don’t just want to look good on your wedding day, you want to feel good. We help you with diets, detoxes, and cleanses, but we really are looking at what the underlying issue may be for your particular habits and lifestyle, as an individual and in your relationships.

Pam and Allie aren’t just focused on helping you lose weight, it’s much more than that. It’s about the food you put into your body, the way you allow your body to rest and recharge, and your attitude about life and about your body image.

Pam and Allie mother daughter duo who care about your health

Pam has always had a passion for health and wellness with a strong proclivity for helping individuals and working with them on a more personal level. As a holistic health practitioner she isn’t going to shove a fad diet down your throat and tell you to ‘suck it up’. Nope, quite the opposite, through continuous support and individualized recommendations, Pam is there to help you find your way.

Then there’s Allie, as a registered dietician with a masters in Human Nutrition, she wants to work with people who want the change, who are thinking proactively and long term. She has the knowledge that you need to make lasting and impactful changes to the way that you live, eat, and interact with your life, which is going to be filled with cake tastings, rich and savory appetizers, and plenty of pre-wedding parties. As a newlywed herself, she understands exactly what its like to be engaged, the pressures of your wedding dress fittings and bachelorette parties.


Minnesota bridal beauty routine

What does it look like to work with them? Well that is totally up to you. Generally they offer 3 month or 6 month packages, and they work around your schedule and communicate in a way that works best for you. That could be in person, email, texts or a combination of the three.

… we look at your diet and your lifestyle and come up with customized coaching that really centers on you and what will work in your life.

Once you book with Allie and Pam you’ll meet once a week in person or online, and regularly they give email support. They will also guide you through a grocery store tour, so you understand where you should be spending your time, and a pantry purge helps to really get you on the right track. Dishing with My Daughter has a free blog for brides looking for a healthy eating information library. Reading through the blog (yes, I read every post), I learned a lot about kombucha and coconut oil, two things I regularly use but now know better.

My favorite blog post on their site, ‘Eat Bananas’, with some incredible facts about bananas and their health benefits. It drives home the feeling that Pam and Allie are professionals but like to have fun, they’re warm, intelligent and kind but still love their wine!

As health coaches, we empower women to make healthy, sustainable lifestyle changes so they can feel confident and energized without sacrificing or missing out on life.

They will be at the October wedding fair, be sure to stop by and chat with them in person. They’ve got spots open for their individualized one-on-one coaching, mother-daughter workshops and personalized group health coaching.

Check out the duo on their website, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or contact them directly to start your healthy living reboot!

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