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Getting Married in Minnesota | Meet Just Cuz…


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Today we are meeting Just Cuz and it’s owner Ashley Hamble Pederson. I’ve asked Kelly Reeves Photography if we can borrow a few photos for this post, so you’ll have pretty pictures to look at in between all that I have learned about this bridal beauty salon. Just Cuz is located in Stillwater in the JX Event Venue building. Terribly convenient for those of you getting married there, or really anywhere in Stillwater, and with the styling squad ready for travel, Just Cuz can come to you if you want them to.

Ashley has been in business for quite some time, and of course, she had her fair share of small beginnings. The name Just Cuz came from a branding company who helped Ashley to hone in on where she wanted her business to go.

 In 2010 we had a brainstorming meeting, writing down all the words that meant something to me. I originally wanted to have a business that was a store for fitness and yoga and for hair and makeup, but also available for on site. Kind of a lot. Through the process I was able to dial it in and to see where the most business was and where my happy was going to be.

getting ready shot in the mirror Just Cuz on site hair and makeup for your wedding day with Dream Day Dressing Rooms set up

At that time on site hair and makeup was just not really a thing, Ashley could do 5 bridal party members per wedding and she would drive to the wedding, which meant driving everywhere, but no one else was really doing that for brides and grooms.

My branding company kept asking me ‘why do you want to do this’ ‘ why do you like doing this?’ My answer kept being ‘ well, just cuz’ and it really stuck. So in 2011 I incorporated… just cuz.


Ordinarily a venue is going to be your first step in the planning process. While touring JX Event Venue it’s nice to see how getting ready at the boutique will play into your day. Just Cuz is for the bride that really wants to be well taken care of, she wants someone else to think of the details of her getting ready portion of the day. Ashley knows that food always gets forgotten and moms sometimes get stuck with the task, so providing a catered breakfast helps moms feel less stressed about the morning as well. Just Cuz provides mimosas and champagne, and they partner with Panera, so the morning is already planned.

bridal beauty shot putting on earrings bridal braid with medium hair

We have plenty of space and the accommodations that you will need to make your morning a success. We close the salon to outside business on your wedding day, so you have the space for the morning.

Being family owned means Ashley’s passion surges throughout Just Cuz, the stylists are up on trends and incredibly humble. A smile and a warm greeting comes first, because this is a relationship, even if short lived, that you want to be good and great and easy.

By pairing stylists to the vibe of your day, Ashley ensures that your party is going to feel comfortable and that the energy is going to be welcoming. Ashley will ask what genre of music you like so your getting ready time will be filled with tunes, treats and the people that are going to make your day memorable.

bridal portrait teal bridesmaids dresses


If you can believe it Just Cuz is already booking for next year. Ashley advises you to secure hair and makeup when you secure the venue, that way your day-of ball gets rolling. This helps you to start building your timeline, like when you will have to wake up and when your first look should be. Booking in advance makes it easier for you to get the time you want, the stylists you want, and the hair and makeup trial appointment day you want.

Who doesn’t like getting what they want?

Since 2011 Ashley’s business has evolved along side of the wedding industry. While social media has been helpful in making brides feel comfortable forgoing their trial, Ashley sternly warns against that. Here for 6 reasons why you should have a hair and makeup trial.

fixing my groom's tie back of my dress shot forehead touch


Ready to inquire into hair and makeup for your wedding party? Here are 5 things that Ashley wants to know before you can get your quote:

  1. Date of your wedding and time you need to be ready by
  2. Location of getting ready including address
  3. Number of people who are needing hair, and makeup
  4. What package are you interested in?
  5. Contact information


Ashley’s top two suggestions:  1) Where ever you get ready, have a personal attendant to communicate to your fiancé of when the you plan on exiting your getting ready area, if you aren’t seeing each other before the ceremony or the first look. 2) There are so many great locations in the JX Event Venue building for the getting dressed pictures, the stair landing has a gorgeous chandelier and perfect lighting for those photos.


laughing and holding bride and groom picture groom in a plaid suit holding hands walking down a trail

Photo credit goes to Kelly Reeves Photography, check out her blog for more weddings from the day and the full list of vendors involved. Wedding images also featured on Ruffled.

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