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Happy Holidays From Burberry and … Naomi Campbell….


Happy Holidays from Kristin Scott Thomas, Matt Smith, M.I.A, Naomi Campbell and her mother Valerie Morris-Campbell. Or should we just say, Happy Holidays from Burberry.


Riccardo Tisci is set to launch his first holiday campaign for the British fashion house since starting as the creative director last March. Burberry holiday campaigns are usually a star studded and festive spread that kicks off the holiday season. However on November 1st, the brand gave a sneak peak into what’s in store for this season. Take a peek at the campaign images.


No less star studded and glamorous than years past, Tisci has continued the campaign tradition, but has gone for a much more visual and abstract approach. He has quite literally kept to his word about what he planned on bringing Burberry, which was “a wardrobe for both mothers and daughters, sons and fathers”. He stated that he wanted to “design for every age, for every culture and every different lifestyle”. Campbell and her mother being featured in the campaign has made that dream a reality for Tisci and Burberry.


The sneak peek shows us portraits of the stars with their faces split in half and a mirror image blurred into the other side. We don’t know about you, but once the campaign launches on November 13th, not only will the holiday spirit be in full swing, but Burberry will be on everyone’s mind.


In preparation for Riccardo’s holiday debut and his take on ‘how to’ rock the iconic and beloved Nova Check print this season, shop all Burberry on Tradesy now.

Oh, and of course, Happy Holidays!

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