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Hire Wedding Pro’s For Your Wedding!…


We’re almost halfway through November! Yikes!

It’s hard to believe that the holiday season is kicking into gear and 2019 is ending. Because engaged couples will be even busier than ever, Perfect Wedding Guide wants to help you maximize your time and efforts! Our best advice is to Hire Wedding Pro’s For Your Wedding!

A couple always thinks that they have more time than they do, and every couple discovers that as their wedding gets closer things go into hyperdrive, with even less time (and often more stress!)

Make your wedding planning life as easy as possible! One sure fire way is to Hire Pros For Your Wedding Day! We know that your Aunt Suzie might want to do the florals, and cousin Betsy is a part time photographer, or maybe the church of the interwebs will ordain best friend Fred for your nuptials.

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Stop! Let your family, your friends, and your wedding party enjoy your day— let them be a guest at your big day! We know, sometimes the budget requires that family and friends help out, and we understand. Do what you can within your budget to hire a professional!

A Wedding Pro Will:
1. Allow your family and friends to relax and be a guest at the wedding
2. Help solve emergencies if they happen and not involve you and your guests
3. Work within their vendor categories to provide professional services
4. Save you money by knowing where to source items and do things correctly the first time
5. A pro is YOUR pro! They’re committed to you, your wedding, and in carrying out the duties they were hired to do
6. They bring experience to the job, they’re not just filling that role on your day.
7. When you hire a professional, you don’t have to worry about ruining a friendship or a family relationship. Oftentimes, when those relationships are damaged they’ll never be the same.
8. A dedicated professional can often save you money by steering you into the best choices, either seasonal or local
9. A professional, no matter the category, brings professional equipment. You don’t have to buy things to get the job done
10. They know what is best for a wedding like yours and they know how to handle that. Efficiency is everything!

Search for Wedding Professionals in your area, reach out and discuss how they can be part of your wedding team at a price within your working wedding budget.

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