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How to create a perfect look with mixed bridesmaid dresses…


When planned out and done right, mixed bridesmaid dresses can look effortless and totally stylish. But that look requires a lot of effort from not only the bride but from the bridesmaids, too!

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If you’ve been invited to be a bridesmaid and asked to shop on your own, you better get to work! To help make sure you end up with something both you and the bride will love, there are plenty of tips and tricks to making sure that you rock this dress.

The first thing you’ll need to do is follow the guidelines from the bride.

Whether it’s a few color swatches she wants you to try to match, a particular type of fabric, or length, stick to what she has set to ensure the dress fits with the bride’s vision.

Next, keep in contact with not only the bride but the other bridesmaids!

If you’re shopping alone, make sure everyone is on the same page and that nobody is buying the same dress. The whole point of this is to have different gowns! Make sure all the dresses are a different color. If the bride wants green dresses, one will stand out as the wrong hue. Many designers offer lots of styles in the same tone, so you should get together with all the bridesmaids and pick between which dresses each girl wants. This is a great option because it’s rare that all dresses look amazing on all body types. Therefore, if each girl picks the dress she looks best in, then everyone is happy, and the bride gets her mixed bridesmaid dresses!

Mixed dresses are also convenient for the bride who has best friends all over the country or maybe it’s impossible to get all the girls together at once for a shopping trip.

Don’t be afraid to introduce sparkle, lace, patterns, sequins, or even ruffles for a real fashion-forward take. Try to keep it simple so that the bridesmaids aren’t overwhelmed with options when shopping and come across too many options, shades, patterns, or styles.

As the bride, keep it to two main features and try to keep the differences between the dresses to two things max.

For example, different necklines and colors but in the same fabric. Or different fabric and necklines but in the same color.

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Speaking of color, different colors are very popular. Having different dresses in the same color can be risky with hues and shades, and could make the photos look off. Lastly, don’t let the bridesmaids do it alone. Be there for any questions the girls may have as well as giving validation to the dress they have found and approved it for your wedding day! Don’t get stuck on the idea of being able to wear the bridesmaid dress again. Choose a dress that you like, and they feel beautiful in and hopefully you with both enjoy how it looks on your wedding day.

Your bridesmaids will love choosing their dress and adding their personal touch!

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