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How to Include Your Pets in Your Wedding Day…


It’s no secret that we love fur babies, and it’s more and more common for them to be incorporated in wedding days! While traditionally this is thought of as having your pet be a part of the ceremony, this is not always practical for every wedding.

Your pet might be too hyper, they might not be able to be around many people at once, or your venue might not allow it. Luckily, there are some other fun, creative ways you can include your fur baby in your special day!

Have Your Baby Join You for Getting Ready Photos

We all love the bridesmaid and groomsmen getting ready photos…but we really love some sweet photos with furbabies, too! Having your pet join you before the big moment can really help to calm you (and your pup) down.

Take Photos With Your Pet

Whether you choose to do a first look or not, you can have your pet join you for some photos before and/or after the ceremony so that they can still be in some photos, but they don’t need to be part of the ceremony!

Do a “First Look” With Your Fur Baby

One word: adorable. First looks are already SO special, why not include your pet in one too? They make for some pretty memorable photos and sweet memories.

Have Your Pup Greet Guests as they Arrive

Can you imagine a more adorable way to arrive at a wedding? This way they can be exposed to a few people at a time, rather than the whole crowd at once.

Include Your Pet in the Details

The possibilities are really endless with this one. You could name a signature cocktail after them, include a drawing of them in your invitations or signage, or include them as part of your favors!

While some pets may be able to walk down the aisle as the “dog of honor”, that’s not always an option. As part of the family, they should be included in a way that makes them feel special, too!

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