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How to make a Design Board for your Wedding!…


Everybody knows how to create a design board…………… right? Let’s drop back to the basics and take a fresh look at why creating a design board for your wedding (or anything else for that matter) is a great idea!

Sometimes called a “mood board” a design board is a tool that can be as plain or elaborate as you’d like. No, you don’t have to be a designer— or even artistic to create one. The only thing you need to have to start with is the “what” your designing, in this case we’ll assume it’s your wedding although you can certainly use this list for other things.

Let’s jump in and get started with a list of where to start items:

1. Start with anything that is a MUST, don’t worry at this point about narrowing it down, that will come later. For example, you know your colors are pink and black, you want your bridesmaids to wear coordinating colors but not dresses, you love roses and lilies and you want your groom to have a boutonniere made out of something natural.

2. Collect photos you love of things you would like to use directly or as color/theme inspiration. You can even go to the paint store and pick out paint chips (free- yay!) that match your color scheme ideas. Use the wedding magazines but don’t be afraid to search elsewhere for ideas, you can even pull things online and print them yourself.

3. Decide on your color theme first and use that to drive your other choices. Then pick the design board itself. You can use a piece of poster board in your chosen size, or even a large sheet of heavy paper. Assemble scissors, glue sticks, tape runners, etc., along with pens and pencils. Don’t overwhelm yourself if you don’t have a lot of ‘things’ to begin with. A design board isn’t something that necessarily gets finished right away, it can and should develop over time.

4. Look for examples in social media and online of design boards to get a feel of how you want to begin your layout if you have no idea how to start. Google is your friend! Begin by placing your color chips on your board and layer from there. Pro Tip: Don’t glue things down until you’re sure of where you’re going with your layout.

5. Layer your elements, you might start with the colors of your wedding followed by a bouquet that you love, a cake that you’d like to use for inspiration and a wedding gown or tux that makes you happy. Leave room around the elements. You’re not gluing anything down yet—- right? You may find out that due to the sizes (or amounts of things) that you need a larger board.

6. Don’t be rushed— you’re going to want to come back to this several times, or even over the period of months once you get the basics down. Take a break, look at what you’ve assembled, and make a decision to glue all or part of your design elements to your board. But first, take a breath!

7. If you get stuck then head to Pinterest!

8. Or browse beautiful wedding photos online!

Party of Two Photography

Be who your are………….. and no one else!

9. As you build and grow your design board you’ll fall into a routine quickly enough. You’ll discover what you like to use, and how you like to use it. You might even surprise yourself at hearing your inner voice loud and clearly! Don’t imitate others, find yourself and create YOUR wedding!

10. As you create your board, and especially after you finish it——- PHOTOGRAPH IT!!!!!

11. Photograph it and USE it to make important wedding decisions, to show other vendors, to show your wedding party. You might even want to show it of on your social!!!

We can’t wait to see YOUR design board and hear how it’s made wedding planner easier, less stressful, and even more fun!

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