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Hula Hoop Wreaths…


You keep seeing it, but what is it? Hula hoop wreaths and decor have made their debut and we can’t get enough! From birthday parties to weddings, they work anywhere and are such a unique decor item. Old or cheap hula hoops can be made into different decor pieces, and with just a little bit of creativity, you can make your very own DIY hula hoop wreath! The best part? You can reuse these items in your home or for future parties you may have.

Do It Yourself!

They’re also easy to make! Just get as many hoops as you want, spray paint them to your desired color, then hot glue or tie on flowers, ribbon, pictures, monograms, or whatever you see fits best! Cover the whole thing or leave it exposed! Then hang them from the ceiling or on the walls for a dramatic look that will have your guests intrigued with your decor!

Wreath Decor

Photo by Ruth Eileen Photography

This DIY photo wreath is so cute and it’s easy to make! Spraypaint a hoop gold, then get thick ribbon to attach onto it with hot glue. The attach your pictures any way you want, and then add flowers and greenery!

Photo by Valorie Darling Photography 

Hanging wreaths around your head table add such a unique touch. We love how different they are and how some look open while the others connect! These whimsical wreaths are so simple yet elegant.

Image by Social Search 

Sometimes, simplicity is the way to go! These wreaths are made out of small wooden circles topped with fresh florals and hung with ribbon. They may be simple, but they definitely stand out!

Photo by Weddingomania

Hula hoop wreaths look best hanging from the ceiling, especially when they’re covered in florals! Hang them around the head table or throughout the venue!

Photo by Riley & Grey 

These hoops are wrapped in twine with small vases attached on the inside to hold fresh florals and hung all over with fishing line! These wreaths look like they’re floating and they’re accented by glass orbs! You’re already decorating everything, why not decorate the ceiling while you’re at it?

Embroidery Hoops

Photo by Mahsino

These are too cute! We love the added dimension to these wreaths, made with embroidery hoops! The natural wood color against greenery and florals look so fresh and absolutely gorgeous!

Large Hoops

Photo by Scott Clark Photography | Florals by Lavenders Flowers

Last but not least, large hoops! Instead of using multiple small ones, use one big one! This is what you call a statement piece.

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