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It all started with an e-mail. Hannah and Ben had seen my work online and liked my style of wedding films. After a few emails back and forth we had time to talk on the phone. About ten seconds into the phone call I knew they would be a lot of fun to film. In our first conversation we discussed the moving we had done recently, our favorite Mexican food, and of course her and Ben’s upcoming wedding. Now I could spend the rest of this post talking about my love for Mexican food, but this is about the two of them and their wedding, not my Taco obsession.

Their relationship started a lot like mine and my wife’s. They were “just friends” for a long time, and after a while people began asking if they were going to be more. They kept denying it until they officially began dating.

As the years passed, Hannah followed a career in the medical field, while Ben trained to become a police officer. By the time they contacted me, Ben was an officer, Hannah was finishing up graduate school, and both of them had moved to different parts of Texas. In the middle of all this movement and change, Ben had proposed to Hannah, she said yes, and they both decided to get married and settle down a bit.

Some family friends of theirs own the Calvert Inn in (where else?) Calvert, Texas. They used to have many weddings there, but lately they retired from the wedding business. For Hannah and Ben though, they made an exception and set up the venue for one more wedding. The Inn is an old Victorian Era house, complete with large staircases, wooden floors, and wide porches.

On the day of the wedding it rained constantly. Hannah almost chose to move the ceremony indoors, but 30 minutes before we all decided to risk it outside. The clouds stayed overhead, but the rain waited until the ceremony was over, and everything turned out amazing.

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