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Memorial Day is a federal holiday in the United States for remembering and honoring people who have died while serving in the United States Armed Forces.

In military families, we find that many are looking to honor family members killed in the line of duty.

We thought Memorial Day was the perfect day to share how to prepare a “Missing Man Table,” also known as a “Fallen Soldier Table.”

This table is set near the entrance doorway of the reception with the following elements.

  • A white tablecloth to symbolize the pure intentions of the service members who responded to the country’s call to arms.
  • A single rose in the vase symbolizing the blood that service members have shed in sacrifice to ensure the freedom of the United States of America. This rose also represents the family and friends who keep the faith while awaiting the return of the missing service members.
  • The red ribbon represents a love of country that inspired the service members to serve the country.
  • A slice of lemon on the bread plate that represents the bitter fate of the missing.
  • Salt sprinkled on the bread plate that symbolizes the tears shed by waiting families.
  • An inverted glass to represent the fact that the missing and fallen cannot partake.
  • A Bible represents the spiritual strength and faith to sustain the loss. This may be omitted in non-Christian displays.
  • A lit candle symbolizes a light of hope that lives in hearts to illuminate the missing’s way home.
  • An empty chair to represent the absence of the missing and fallen

Fallen Soldier Table - Missing Man  Table

Additionally, families may choose to add the head cover representing the branch of service of the person being honored.

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