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July Wedding Trends: Red, White & Blue Edition…


July is mostly known for one thing–independence day. All the patriotism and red, white, and blue everything, including weddings! There are so many ways you can incorporate this festive summer holiday into your wedding celebration, and here are some of our favorites!

Red, White & Blue Wedding Dessert Trends

Desserts & Festive Food

Probably one of the easiest ways to run with the theme is through FOOD! It’s very easy to select foods that incorporate the red, white and blue colors, especially when using fruit like blueberries, watermelon and strawberries. If you’re not looking to be so obvious with the color scheme, try using some traditional American dishes. After all, nothing screams ‘Merica quite like a picnic barbecue filled with grilled goodness.


This is another super easy way to implement your color palette, from as subtle or obvious you want to be with your patriotism! You can choose flowers that are naturally red, white and blue or you can dye them yourself to get the exact color you’re looking for. From decor and boutonnieres, to of course the bridal bouquet, there are always places to incorporate festive themed flowers into your special day.

July Wedding Inspo from Perfect Wedding Guide


Of course, this can include the obvious red/blue bridesmaid dresses or blue suits with red ties, but there are also less obvious ways you can include this. Fun socks for the groomsmen, “something blue” shoes for the bride, a patriotic garter, or even flag-patterned bow ties!

Photo Opportunities

While this may not be as visible to your guests, it’s a fun and creative way to incorporate the patriotic theme into your big day. You can always take it a step further and add a photo booth to your reception fun. Photo booths are gaining more and more popularity at weddings because they’re a great way for guests to enjoy themselves and, as a bonus, they immortalize your friends and family making funny faces. Ask your photo booth organizer to throw in some patriotic props to incorporate your theme to take a quick trip to a local store or Amazon to find some on your own.

Red, White & Blue Wedding Decor


The decor is SO versatile and can be as subtle or obvious as you want. There are really unlimited ways you can use your festive theme throughout your decor, from tables and chairs to centerpieces and dishes!

Invitation Suite

Using your festive color scheme in the save the dates and invitations is a great way to tell your guests the theme of your big day before they even arrive! Your save the dates are actually a great opportunity to not only alert your guests to the theme, but provide them with instructions of how to dress and or what things to expect on your special day.

Red Drink for Weddings

Signature Cocktail

Your wedding day is all about you and your fiancé and personal touches are becoming more popular, especially signature cocktails. Whether you have a specific drink for the grooms, brides or other wedding party members, there’s no reason to not make it red, white, and booze!

Grand Wedding Exit

Grand Exit

Sparkler exits have been popular for some time now, but it’s the most fitting for an independence day celebration. There are other creative ways to have a patriotic grand exit, or if you’re feeling braver, perhaps you could incorporate a fireworks display as well.

There are so many fun ways to embrace the holiday theme, no matter how big or small you want. Whatever you choose, make it uniquely YOU.

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