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La-la-lavender Ladies, Favors, Decor & More!…


Lavender is a very popular color in 2017 and we’re here to show you the most eye catching lavender wedding ideas. Whether you’re recently engaged, helping a friend plan her wedding, or simply dreaming up your wedding styles, you will love these lavender wedding ideas.

Emitting calmness and femininity, lavender is the more subdued alternatives to purple. Lavender is a soft, versatile shade that pairs well with almost any combination. You’ll find that these lavender wedding ideas are perfect for a spring or summer wedding celebration, whether it be casual or extravagant!

Lavender Ladies

Via | Warmth House

Via | Be Photography

If Lavender is one of your main colors in your wedding, you may want to consider lavender dresses for your bridesmaids.

Lavender Wedding Bouquets

Via | Etsy

This silk wildflower bouquet has lilac, lavender, wildflowers, and lamb’s ear. Wrapped in burlap and lace with a twine overlay, this makes a beautiful, rustic wedding bouquet!

Via | PhotoGlow

Lavender Drinks

Via | Rachel A. Clingen

This signature cocktail is decorated and garnished with a hint of Lavender!

Special Treats

Via | Rachel A. Clingen

The smallest touch, or taste, of lavender can go a long way on your big day!

Via | The Tart Tart

Lavender Wedding Favors

Lavender Soap | Via | Sisoo

This is always a fun one and offers endless creative options for your guests. The best part? You can make a TON of lavender DIY products yourself, or with a little help!

Lavender Wedding Decor

Via | Soiree Productions

If you’re looking to make a huge statement with lavender, this may be the direction you’re looking for!

Via | Pinterest

If you’re looking for more of a budget friendly cost, grab some old mason jars, sprinkle in a cup of lavender, place a candle down and you now have a unique and fun lavender decoration!

Wedding Cake

Via | Swoon

A deliciously simple looking wedding cake that has that a perfect soft touch of real lavender stems.

Are you using lavender in your wedding? How are you incorporating it? Let us know in the comments below!

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