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Let Them Eat Meat?…


Earlier this week, a Chicago news station shared a wedding-related feature where a 20-year-old vegan bride uninvited guests.

ABC News 7 in Chicago reported that even though the guests were invited and agreed to a vegan menu; the bride later changed her mind. She stated that she just could not live with knowing they were going back to eating meat after the wedding.

So, she required invited guests to not only eat a vegan meal at the wedding reception but also wanted them to agree to give up animal products forever.

According to the news report, some of the people uninvited included her mother and two cousins who were bridesmaids.

This may have remained a private family matter but the bride shared comments in a vegan social media group, asking for advice about how to deal with her family “guilt-tripping her into inviting murderers.”

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So, today’s Head Over Heels question is would you uninvite family members because they refused to change their lifestyle to conform with your beliefs?



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