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Let There Be Light … Lots of Light!…


Lighting is one of the most affordable ways to enhance the look of your wedding reception.

Lighting in layers is key to getting the biggest bang for your buck.

Simple candlelight on your tabletop is the first layer, from votive candles to pillars these candles add a warm glow to the spaces right in front of your family and friends.

Uplighting around the perimeter of the reception is a big WOW as it brightens the event space, adds a pop to what might be blah banquet room walls and you can have the lighting done in dozens of colors to tie in with your weddings color story.

The one layer that too many people cut from the budget actually packs the biggest punch – pin spot lighting!

pinspotting a centerpiece - lighting for your wedding - making your wedding centerpieces pop

Your wedding cake is one of the most photographed things at your wedding and tall centerpieces draw your eye up and are a focal point as you move about the room. Lighting those with pin spots makes the room sing!

Let’s face it, you are investing a good portion of your budget on your centerpieces, be sure to show them off!


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