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Most Popular Wedding Color in 2020…


What was the most popular color for weddings in 2019? Does that change across wedding markets and areas of the U.S.? Does the Pantone color of the year actually affect the wedding theme colors that couples choose? And why?

That’s a lot of questions, right? 🙂

Ask any bride or groom planning their wedding and they’ll tell you that pretty early on in the process is the decision about what colors the wedding will use as it’s theme. Everything from the flowers to the cake to the dresses to the gown to the vests to the ties to the socks to the table linens and chair covers will be influenced by this color theme. This year every industry across the board has already begun producing All. The. Navy. Blue.

In 2019, as always, black and white with touches of a color was predominant. It always is, it’s classic, it’s clean, it’s easily accessible across all regions. In different places that’s shaken up with seersucker suits, navy (or color) suits, dresses in a pale shade————- but black and white was the core in 87% of weddings.

The single color most popular in 2019 was CORAL. It was everywhere and undoubtedly influenced by the heavy Pantone representation Living Coral in 2019. Will there be a ‘coral hangover’ in 2020?

Does the Pantone color of the year affect wedding themes?

Yes- but not for the reasons you might think. Not necessarily because couples just love a color! This year the color of the year is a deep almost navy blue and that color will be translated into every product imaginable and shown on many websites, blogs, and across the board at wedding (and other) retailers. When coral colors were all the rage, it was extremely easy to find all manner of coral merchandise, ready to wear, accessories, tablescapes –down the line. This year, because navy blue is such a classic color for weddings— there may be less direct attribution to Pantone 19-4052 Classic Blue, ” instilling calm, confidence, and connection, this enduring blue hue highlights our desire for a dependable and stable foundation on which to build as we cross the threshold into a new era. “.

Sometimes the Pantone color of the year becomes ‘the’color because when you look around there is just SO much of it! This year just might be different and the trend toward individuality might continue to reign!

Life is a box of colors!

What do YOU think will be the hot wedding color theme of 2020? Will there be a standout color that doesn’t depend on the season of the year, the base colors, or the Pantone color? Might that color be a true classic, one that has always been reliable? Something like…………………… classic navy blue? Or are couples not swayed at all by the popular colors of the year/season???

We will see!

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