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Out Of The Box…


One of the saddest things we’ve seen is the honor attendant opening up the ring box and watching two wedding rings roll across the floor.

We’ve seen the best man carrying the ring box in his pants pocket and fighting to get it out of the box, or worse yet dropping them when they place them on the tray or bible.

Keeping it as simple as possible eliminates too much drama!

Before the wedding party heads down the aisle have the honor attendant remove the rings from the box and slide one on each of their pinky fingers, bending those fingers slightly keeps them from sliding off.

They can easily be removed and given to the officiant.

While we’re here talking about rings, here are a few other ring tips to make sure your wedding day goes smoothly.

Don’t forget to remove your engagement ring from your left hand. Your wedding ring should be placed on your hand first, followed by your engagement ring.

Don’t’ place the real wedding rings on your ring pillow. Most craft shops sell imitation rings. Tieing your tings into the ribbons makes it really difficult to remove them.

And, please don’t ever tie them in your dog’s collar! We’ve seen a wedding planner chasing a dog across the lawn, with the rings!



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