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Paperlust Collaborates With Sydney flower stylist Sophia Kaplan…


Paperlust has grown into the most beautiful event stationery platform in Australia during the last few years and we’re thrilled to announce another exciting new collaboration with renowned flower stylist and creative Sophia Kaplan. Her brand new stationery line is available exclusively at Paperlust

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Your wedding stationery should establish the tone of your wedding so it’s important to make the right impression! Your guests will often receive it months in advance, so it needs to be worthy of display and set the tone for your very special day.

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About Sophia

Sophia Kaplan is a Sydney-based creative
who loves to get her hands dirty creating some floral magic. When she’s not at
her shop, Sophia Kaplan’s Plants &
, she can be found bright and early at the flower market or styling
a fabulous event.

Sophia isn’t just a floral stylist for weddings; she also does commercial projects, editorials and other events. Co-author of a coffee table book about house plants, Leaf Supply, she also blogs about flowers and enjoys taking photos. Sophia is not limited to her city or even Australia, working with clients and collaborators in Paris and globally.

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Sophia has a profound interest in
natural beauty found all around and loves to collect flowers and plants to
create her own wonderful creations. We asked Sophia to tell us more about her
work, future trends in flower styling and our collaboration process:

  • What’s the best thing about being a
    flower stylist?
    • Being surrounded by nature on a regular
      basis. I also love the flower market (even at 5am). It’s so exciting to see
      what the growers have brought and it’s a nice opportunity to catch up with them
      and my flower friends.
  • What inspired you to become a flower and
    plant stylist?
    • I’ve always been obsessed with gardening
      and find the process of getting dirty and watching things grow incredibly
      therapeutic. I had an amateur gardening blog and through this discovered some
      amazing florists who were more like artists than anything else. This, along
      with working for Jardine Hansen and seeing there was a different way of
      pursuing flowers than owning a shop, encouraged me to begin my own business.
  • What’s been the most memorable event
    that you have worked on?
    • There are so many! I’ve had the pleasure
      of doing lots of friends weddings which are always heartwarming experiences.
      I’ve also assisted on weddings in the French and Italian countryside which were
      pretty special. And then it’s the simple things like foraging from the garden
      to decorate a table for lunch with friends and family which I love.
  • What made you choose this specific
    flower combination for our collaboration?
    • I wanted something that wasn’t overly
      feminine. I love the exotic beauty of the slipper orchid.
  • Do you see any flower styling patterns
    in recent events you’ve been to? Can you predict any trends for 2019?
    • Personally I’ve been using a lot less
      foliage lately. Beautiful dancing branches and delicate leaves definitely still
      have their place but I have been doing less mixing of them with flowers of
      late. I’ve been enjoying the feature flower, a less is more, quality over
      quantity approach. I think a lot of florists and clients alike are becoming
      more aware of the positive environmental impact of using local over imported
      flowers and also more conscious of their use of floral foam. It’s not the
      glamorous side of floristry, but the less waste you can create the better!
  • How do you start your creative process
    when styling for a wedding?
    • It’s easy to be inspired by the ever
      changing seasons of flowers. I am strongly guided by what looks best on the day
      at market, always trying to include something unusual, and only buying things
      that I love.
  • What is your favourite type of event to
    • They all have their place in my heart.
      Weddings are such a special day for the bride, groom and their family and
      friends, it’s a nice feeling to play a small role in that. I also have some
      production/ event companies that I work for who provide me with unusual and
      creative briefs that I love working on. Photoshoots are fun and an opportunity
      to be a bit more experimental. I like the variety that my job provides me with!
  • When it comes to wedding planning, how
    important do you think the stationery is?
    • Stationery is the first taste guests get
      of the wedding they’re invited to. Beautiful cards should reflect the couple’s
      style and help to set the tone of their wedding and build excitement for the
      day. As a florist I am often given a copy of the invitation to help inspire and
      guide the mood for their flowers. It’s also something that guests often keep so
      becomes a lovely memento after the wedding itself.
  • And one last question, what’s been your
    favourite part of this collaboration?
    • It’s been a pleasure working with Shab
      and her team. They’ve listened intently to my creative wishes and created the
      most stunning cards that I am so happy with! Choosing the right flower was fun
      and then seeing the design options come out of it was very cool. I hope they
      are loved by brides as much as I love them!



Sophia’s Clients

  • White + White Weddings
  • Lexus, Longines
  • Revlon
  • KR Productions
  • Audi
  • Vogue Brides
  • Mimco
  • Rizer
    The Collective Hub Entropico
  • The Projects
  • White Magazine
  • Aria Restaurant
  • So Frenchy So Chic
  • Fred Iittala
  • Airbnb
    & Elise Garland Public Relations
  • Sense
  • Gourmet
  • Loreal
  • Fiat
  • OzHarvest
  • White
    Rabbit Projects

Sophia’s Press

  • Gourmet
  • SheSaid
  • Broadsheet
    I & II
  • Heidi
    Mortlock Adrift
  • The
    Planthunter I & II
  • Heidi
    Mortlock Adrift
  • Isabell


About the process

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Choosing your wedding stationery for the big day is just as exciting as choosing your flowers, which is why we decided to work with Sophia to curate a complete set of wedding invitations and on the day stationery. At Paperlust we think invitations are just as important as picking your dress, your flowers and styling, It’s a once-in-a-lifetime purchase that you usually make right at the start of wedding planning.

For this stationery design set we’ve picked one of the most special and beautiful plants, the Slipper Orchid. It’s not often you see orchids or particularly distinctive flowers and plants being used as wedding foliage, but this weird and wonderful orchid is just as beautiful as any other flower. With this stylish set of stationery you’ll want to add these slipper orchids to the wedding day styling.

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The Sophia Kaplan set is one of the most unique invitation
suites added to the Paperlust platform and there was a lot of planning prior to
starting the design. Shab Mogadam, creative director of Paperlust, wanted this
set to be very special and well suited to Sophia’s style. We asked Sophia to
send us photos that she has taken during her work and after seeing many
beautiful images we could potentially use, we decided to go with the slipper
orchid – the image was fresh, green and had a playfulness about it.

Cypripedioideae orchids originate from parts of Europe, Asia and North America, so they’re a versatile type of flower which would suit any theme you choose to style your day – giving us even more reasons to use it for this design.

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Each card tells a story in this set. From fine orchid illustrations in white ink printed on delicate vellum paper for the save the date to give the guests a hint of what’s to come, to the main invite digitally printed with the fun slipper orchid combined with subtle beige colours, to a more bold information card. Each piece in this design set is the greater part of a whole and looks amazingly styled as a whole.

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About the design and print

To make this design fully customisable our clients can choose to rearrange the flowers on each card. With our wide range of print and paper types, this set can easily be printed in digital print, letterpress or foil pressed for a more luxe look.

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Sophia Kaplan CollaborationShare on Pinterest

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sophia_kaplan/?hl=en

Website: http://sophia-kaplan.com/about-1/

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