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One of the biggest struggles in planning a wedding has got to be the seating chart!

Relatives who don’t speak, people who HAVE to sit together, family groupings, the drama can go on and on.

Two sure-fire things that will make the seating chart a little easier.

#1 – we’re sure you have a crowd of friends who will either be packing the dancefloor or at the bar and not at their table any longer than it takes to eat dinner.

These are the people you want to be seated in front of the band or DJ and along the dance floor.

wedding planning - seating charts - guests who will pack the dance floor

#2 – older folks, grandparents, and older friends of the family. Regardless of that is being played it will be too loud.

These are the folks you want toward the back of the room and off to the corners, away from the edges of the dance floor and the direct line of the band or DJs speakers.

Taking care of these two groups makes fitting all of the other seating arrangements a snap.

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