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Patriotic Wedding Favors for July Weddings…


‘Tis the season…to be patriotic, of course! The Fourth of July is the ultimate show of patriotism, and also an excellent day for a wedding. Most people already have the day off, and sometimes even the whole weekend. Now, it’s time to dive into the amazing patriotic wedding favors you can send your guests home with.

Blue Koozie

Patriotic Koozies

Koozies have been growing in popularity as wedding favors. They can be easily customized, are generally inexpensive, and something that people use often. Plus, they’re a great way to make sure that your loved ones remember your big day for years to come!

Patriotic Handheld Fans

Having an outdoor wedding? Outdoor weddings can be held in a beautiful location with stunning details and yet be horrible for your guests. If you want to keep your guests happy during the ceremony, using festive fans and or umbrellas can help keep your guests cool. After all, fans can be practical as well as a cute take home for your guests!

Red, White & Blue Snacks

Patriotic Snacks & Candy

For this one, the options are endless. Take your favorite treat, make it red, white, & blue, and you’re set! (We recommend staying away from chocolate and other candies that melt if you’re having an outdoor wedding)

Patriotic Candles

Candles are a great gift to personalize for your guests. Whether it’s small or large doesn’t matter! Candles smell amazing and they are the perfect addition to a place setting. Your guests will remember your big day each time they light them!

Sparklers & Fireworks for 4th of July

Sparklers & Firecrackers

Sparklers and firecrackers should definitely be used at your discretion, especially if there are a lot of children at your wedding. However, fireworks can be a fun way to keep the festive theme going during and after the party!

DIY Patriotic Favors

There are SO many ways to DIY a fun, festive wedding favor! If you can’t find your perfect favor to purchase, you can make it yourself. Pinterest is a great place to find inspiration, ideas and you might even find someone who makes just what you’re looking for!

Best Patriotic Favors for July Weddings

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