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Peony Bouquets: Everything You Need to Know…


According to our guide to flowers and their meanings, peonies represent a happy life, happy marriage, good health and prosperity – everything you could wish for as you begin your new journey with your partner.

If you’ve decided to have these gorgeous flowers in your bridal bouquet, then read on for some inspiration and expert advice to consider when choosing peony bouquets.

When Are Peonies in Season?

The peak time to buy peony bouquets is: “May to July is the time when peonies are in season. I think peonies absolutely scream ‘English summer wedding’ and they are a lovely flower choice for a wedding in the warmer months.”

Mixing the peonies with other summer wedding flowers is a great way to add more scent and color to your bouquet – as proven by this beautiful daisy and peony bouquet.

Summer peony bouquets

However, peonies can certainly suit a winter wedding too, as long as you find a florist who is able to source them at this time of year.

This wintery House of Blooms bouquet is filled with peonies in the most delicate pale pink, which contrasts nicely with the semi-closed roses and frosted green foliage.

Because the peonies are so big, you could easily add a silver brooch if you want to give your bouquet extra sparkle.

Winter peony bouquet

Are They Expensive?

In terms of cost, remember that the number of peonies you have in your bouquet will depend on how much of your budget you have allocated to your wedding flowers.

“A bouquet filled with lots of peonies can be expensive as the florist has to make sure that each bloom is as perfect as possible,” warns Kim. “They can be temperamental and slow to open.”

However, we think you’ll agree that a bouquet filled with peonies would definitely be worth the money – this pink peony bouquet looks absolutely gorgeous.

Pink peony bouquet

That’s not to say that a few well-placed peonies can’t make the same statement. The big and bold peonies in this bouquet immediately draw the eye in, plus they complement the roses which almost look like smaller versions of the peony.

Peony bridal bouquet

What Colors Can You Get?

“There are so many colors to choose from now, so there is probably a peony to go with most color schemes,” explains Kim. “The coral ones, in particular, can be as big as a plate! For a beautiful scent, choose the white ‘Duchesse de Nemours’ peonies.”

We bet this Vanilla Rose bridal bouquet has the most wonderful smell! The white peonies add a lovely texture to the arrangement and help create a very ‘bridal’ look.

White and pink peony bouquet

Don’t be scared to go for darker colored peony bouquets either. This deep pink-red arrangement screams romance and is the perfect bouquet for a timeless wedding day. Having a range of peonies that are all at different stages of opening is a great way to add variety and interest to your bouquet’s texture.

Red peony bouquet

Modern brides should look for peonies in unexpected colors – lime green ones work extremely well with pink or white roses for a contemporary summer wedding look. The amazing styles in our beach wedding dresses edit would work flawlessly with a bouquet like this.

Green peony bouquet

What Type of Bouquet Do They Suit?

The answer is: pretty much all styles of wedding bouquet! This teardrop style arrangement  has a striking mix of colors and flowers, with magnificent pink peonies as the focal point.

Teardrop peony bouquet

Of course, peonies also suit a classic posy for the bride who likes clean lines and neat presentation.

Posy peony bouquets

If you’re getting married at a rustic wedding venue, ask your florist to add various bits of foliage to your peony bouquet to give it a more natural feel.

Rustic wedding bouquet

Would Peonies Suit Vintage Themed Weddings?

A peony arrangement is versatile enough to suit pretty much any style of celebration, but a vintage themed wedding is where peony bouquets can really shine.

This vintage bridal bouquet features peonies with the most stunning ombre color. Many types of peonies consist of two colors – ask your florist which ones they can source for your bouquet.

Pink and yellow peonies

Consider dreamy pastel colors when choosing a peony bouquet to go with a vintage theme. The addition of peonies in ivory and pale pink create a soft and delicate look for this bouquet from– the perfect accompaniment if you’re wearing a stunning vintage wedding dress.

Vintage peony bouquet

We’re obsessed with the summery flowers at Rebecca and Matthew’s real wedding. Rebecca’s beautiful bouquet consisted of pink and cream peonies mixed in with roses, hydrangeas and carnations. The colors had a distinct vintage feel, made even more natural looking with the addition of green foliage.

Pink and cream peonies

A bouquet full of peonies would look vintage wedding ready by itself, but if you want to add more decoration then an ivory ribbon handle with pearl pins would give the bouquet a timeless look. We love this bouquet which features peonies, hydrangeas, roses and sweet peas tied together with some elegant ribbon.

Peony bouquet with ivory handle

Would Peonies be Suitable for the Bridesmaid Bouquets?

Absolutely! These mixed bridesmaid bouquets compliment the bride’s statement one perfectly – we especially love the addition of peach and lace ribbon to the handles.

Bridesmaid peony bouquets

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