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Pop-Up Weddings: What Are They?…


Okay, so we’ve heard of a pop-up shop, but what in the heck is a pop-up wedding?

Possibly the newest wedding trend that’s sweeping the nation, pop-up weddings are becoming more and more common due to their efficient, low-maintenance, and cost-effective properties.  

Pop Up Wedding Ceremony

In the simplest form, a pop-up wedding is the creation of a temporary wedding ceremony, typically in an attractive geographical location. In fact, there are companies popping up (pun intended) all over the globe that are specializing in organizing these special events because they are becoming so popular. 

Easy Weddings, an online wedding publication based in Australia, sat down with Jennifer Moss, the founder of Just Married. Moss’s company specializes in pop-up weddings and Moss told Easy Weddings that the idea came from helping to organize courthouse weddings saying, “I just remember thinking couples deserved something a little bit more special, even if they were on a tight budget. After all, it’s their wedding; you want it to be beautiful for them. And you want to make it easy for them.” 

So what all does a pop-up wedding entail? 

Pop Up Wedding

Pretty much everything. Temporary ceremony space is created with decorations and props and you just show up. It’s as easy as that! 

A key difference with a pop-up wedding is that if you’re part of the happy couple, you probably won’t be the only one getting married that day. Typically pop-up wedding planners schedule multiple weddings for one pop-up venue, meaning it’s not uncommon for 7-9 couples to be wed in the same space over the course of the day. 

Pop Up Wedding

The more we hear about pop-up weddings, the more they sound like a deal right? They are, but only if you’re looking to keep it small. Yes, there is a guest list cap of only 10 people, which is what makes a pop-up wedding unique from a traditional elopement where it’s just the couple in question present. 

Either way, if you’re looking for a stress-free option to tying the knot or if you and your future spouse are more of a, “we woke up like this,” couple, a pop-up wedding might be just the thing you never knew you needed. 

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