Home Plans Registry 101: The Perfect Master Space…

Registry 101: The Perfect Master Space…


It’s officially time to register and you’ve made a list of all things, well, kitchen. Don’t forget the other rooms of your house, especially your master bedroom!

Comfy Bedding

Image from Pottery Barn 

Bedding is the first thing people think of when registering for the bedroom. Of course! You’re going to need some. Make sure you think of all the design elements you want. Are you looking for more patterns and colors, or neutral tones to add color accents too? Regardless of what you choose, shop around at multiple locations before deciding yes. You also might want to feel them and test them out before you register because you will, in fact, be sleeping in it every night! It’s important to keep comfort in mind as you choose to really give your master space a cozy feel.

A Cozy Seating Area

Image by Bria Hammel Interiors 

All rooms need a quiet corner for early morning or even late night reading. Not only do they look great in any room, but produce an added function to the space. Neutral chairs always work well, but consider adding a statement chair with a pop of color especially if you’re color tones are more neutral anyways.

Splurge on Your Sheets

Image from Jasmine Dowling 

We really mean splurge on all things fabric, including your towels! Having soft sheets and towels given to you is such a great feeling. Especially when you’re too busy buying other things, luxurious additions like this to a home is the last thing on your mind and budget. Egyptian cotton sheets and anything over 500 thread-count will leave you will crisp and breathable bedding. It’s also a good idea to get a second, and maybe even a third set for laundry days.

Window Treatments

Image by Shelley – Crazy Wonderful 

Before you register, it’s helpful to know where you’re going to live so you don’t register for things you don’t need. An example of this is not knowing how many windows are going to be in your bedroom if you haven’t found a house yet. Or better yet, what length curtains you are going to need! Window treatments really add to a room, especially when the treatments are floor to ceiling. When designing your room decor, don’t forget to add curtains (and curtain rods) to the registry. Maybe you’ll want bold patterned curtains, some white sheers, or black out curtains for those non-morning people.

At Least One Statement Piece

Image from Milieu

This could range from an amazing piece for your walls, or maybe a statement bedframe or canopy. Try to think of something that will really catch your attention when you walk in the room and really add to the overall ambiance of your oasis.

What do you plan to add to your registry to make your bedroom your haven?


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