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Sharp Dressed Man…


While the bride is often times the focal point at a wedding, a sharply dressed groom is certainly a showstopper.

Groom - groom with red boutonniere - proper way to wear a boutonniere

If you ask any wedding planner, one sure way to make their head explode is to show them an image with a groom wearing a boutonniere improperly.

On the left lapel of a tuxedo or suit at about collar bone height, you will see what looks like a small buttonhole that is stitched shut. In the UK a boutonniere is actually called a buttonhole as the flowers were actually placed through them.

The boutonniere is pinned to the jacket with the floral portion resting over this hole.

Too many times we see grooms with flowers pinned on the wrong side or pinned way off to the side on the chest.

Groom - boutonniere - boutonniere pinned on the wrong side

groom - boutonniere in the wrong place - how to properly wear a boutonniere

Most tuxedo specialists will also tell you that if you are wearing a boutonniere, that you don’t wear a pocket square.

boutonniere and poorly folded pocket square

While this is becoming more and more acceptable, keep in mind that it is a Pocket Square and not a handkerchief.  Keep it folded small so that just a small line of it peeks out from the jacket pocket.

Following a few simple tips you know you will have a showstopping man on your wedding day.


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