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Our Head Over Heels team recently chatted with an incredible hair and makeup artist, Victoria DiPietro of Bella Angel in our Philadelphia Perfect Wedding Guide market.

Victoria and her talented hair and makeup team offer onsite services in the Philadelphia, South Jersey and Delaware areas.

We talked about wedding day makeup, picking the right makeup artist and reapplying. Here’s what she had to say.

Bella Angel - Hair and Makeup Services Philadelphia - crying bride

If you are using a professional makeup artist your makeup should last all day and night and you shouldn’t need any touchups.

The only thing that will probably come off is your lipstick so purchase the color you love and carry it with you so that you can reapply throughout the day.

Makeup artists are equipped with makeup that is professional and has more pigment and staying power then what you can purchase at the drugstore.

Also, makeup artists usually layer the makeup for added security. They use a primer then apply your makeup and then finish it off with a setting spray to seal the deal.

If you are having a preview session, and we recommend every bride have one make sure you ask your artist before the trial if they have these products if they don’t carry them we recommend choosing an artist that does.

Bella Angel - Hair and Makeup Services Philadelphia - touching up lipstick


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