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Planning a wedding is full of huge events, people who love you and of course gifts! While couples love gifts and kind gestures, most don’t like writing thank you notes.

They can be time-consuming and handwritten notes are becoming a lost art form. Here are some great rules to follow and some helpful hints.

Writing thank you notes for your wedding - etiquette for writing thank you notes for your wedding

Handwritten Notes

First, handwritten notes are a must! NO preprinted notes, emails, text messages or phone calls.

Invest in some elegant thank you notes when you order your invitations and order more than you think you will need. Having some around after the wedding is always a good idea.


Contrary to popular opinion, you don’t have a year after your wedding to write thank you notes, it’s closer to three months and honestly writing them as you get a gift is ideal.

It is a good idea to start writing thank you notes when your engagement gifts begin to arrive. A few at a time every day goes a long way.

Divide and conquer, let your fiance take the job of writing notes from their side of the family and friends.

Keep It Simple

Here is a simple formula for writing a good thank you note:

1 – The Person’s Name

2 – The Gift The Gave You

3 – What Made The Gift So Special

4 – A Sincere Thank You

Sort and sweet works best!

Be sure to write notes for engagement, shower and wedding gifts, as well as for whoever hosted your engagement party or shower, wedding party, parents and don’t forget your wedding vendors!


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