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The Best Types of Flowers for a Summer Wedding…


You can’t compete with fresh flowers and why would you want to?

Summertime is the perfect time to create vibrant, fresh, and stunning bouquets for your special day. When choosing your flowers for your Summer celebration, you really can’t go wrong, but to make your life a little easier we’ve stopped to smell the roses and put together a list of the top flowers to use for a Summer wedding. 


If there was an official flower of summer, the sunflower would be it. With sun literally in the title, you can’t deny that this flower has all of the qualities of summer. Another benefit of the sunflower is its size. As every wedding expert knows the cost of fresh flowers is on the rise, so sometimes, the bigger the better. A sunflower will fill out any bouquet, making it appear bigger than it actually is. Not into big bouquets? Try a singular sunflower for each member of your wedding party. It’s simple and looks yellow makes any color pop. 


Don’t let the simplistic name of this flower fool you. Cornflowers are not only stunning but with their vibrant blue color, they can be the perfect flower choice for a summer wedding; especially in the month of July if you’re looking to be a little extra patriotic. 


Elegance is the first word that comes to mind when we hear about lilies. A timeless flower, this delicate gem could be the simple piece to complete your perfect bouquet. Lilies also bloom rather large, so they make a great addition to a simple bouquet while adding an extra level of texture. Lilies come in a variety of colors, which make them the perfect addition to any wedding ceremony.


If you’re looking to add extra texture to a bouquet, look no further than chrysanthemums. A member of the Daisy family, these beauties are one of a kind. Exhibiting lots of layers, chrysanthemums add sheer volume to any floral arrangement and they have an extremely rich history, making them a wedding classic. 


Perhaps one of the most infamous flowers in the land, the orchid is a crowd favorite at any summer wedding. Delicate in size and appearance, the orchid makes up for what it lacks in size with its fragrant scent. In fact, many perfumers use orchids and their scents to serve as the basis for their new perfumes. 

Top flowers for a summer wedding

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