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The Best Wedding Hacks We Learned From Pinterest…


We all want our wedding day to look so well put-together, that it’s deemed as Pinterest-worthy. But how do you get that dream Pinterest-worthy wedding look on a budget? We’ve scoured our favorite mood-board-making site for ideas – and the answers. Because Pinterest isn’t just for the perfect inspiration images – it’s also for finding the how-to’s to do it, too…

Make Your Own Confetti

If you want guests to only use natural confetti (many venues now even insist on it), then instead of forking out for expensive pre-made packs, opt for your own dried rose petals or get crafty with some cheap cutters and dried.

DIY Photo Booth Backdrops

If you want something a bit more special than a plain backing to your wedding days snaps, but don’t want to fork out for a photo booth, make your own! Our favorites include floral garlands (which add to the feel of the venue too), a ribbon curtain in your color theme, or a macramé hanging – which gives a really bohemian feel – perfect for rustic style venues.

How To Find Your ‘Something Old’

Hiring vintage style drinks glasses can be pricey, so if you’ve got some time before your wedding, start collecting! The more miss-matched, the better, so don’t be afraid to find various sizes and shapes either at local boot fairs, charity shops, or on sites like eBay.

Keeping Kids Entertained

If you’re inviting little ones to your big day, they might be the last thing you might be thinking of when it comes to table dressing. But with this pretty Pinterest hack, you can keep them entertained (fewer tantrums can only ever be a good thing), as well as making your tables look lovely. Dedicate a children’s table and fill individual jars with coloring pencils, sweets and games.

Budget-Friendly Centrepieces

Who knew mason jars could look so good? Team with pretty florals and candles for a beautifully set up centerpiece, that will look as impressive as any huge flower decoration. Choose clear with silver or gold tops for classic styling and add ribbon to suit your theme.

It’s All In The Details

Ever wondered how those Pinterest weddings look so good? It’s all in the styling. Take inspiration from Style Me Pretty and find some vintage trays to use with pretty much anything. These look stunning underneath invites and rings for the photo album and to serve your wedding cocktails for Pinterest-worthy wedding pics.

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