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The Hunger Games Setting…


Lexi & Tim

Fun fact: These photos were taken where the Hunger Games were filmed.

In a roundabout way, our engagement story began in Paris. Just a few months into our relationship I told Timothy about my plan to toss aside worry and use my vacation time to see as much of Europe as I could, and to my delight, he agreed to accompany me. We sat on the grass in front of the Eiffel Tower for hours simply talking, but when the warm colors of sunset began to give way to the twinkle that accompanies dusk he pulled me to my feet and began to dance.

He played Die a Happy Man, one of our favorite songs by Thomas Rhett, and as the lyric about the Eiffel Tower at night floated out of the pocket holding his phone he spun me into his arms and whispered that he wished he had a ring to give me right there.

I tried to attribute my pounding heart to the allure of France but the best part of the eight countries we saw in the ten days we traveled was indubitably the man that was by my side. Three months later I still thought of that night and his words often. I tried not to overthink anything but it seemed very strange that he asked to pick me up from work on a Saturday to go to a fancy dinner – not something we often do. When I got into the car he seemed nervous, and I started to get fidgety when he told me the reservation was later so we had some time. He drove us to the edge of Lake Wylie, and I immediately recognized the little peninsula park with a gazebo and a bench swing. He had kissed me for the very first time on that bench, on the way home from a road trip we took just to get my favorite crepes.

We sat together on the bench and watched as the sun began to move across the sky, talking only occasionally. Finally, he asked me to close my eyes and describe the scene to him – not an unusual request, because I love words. As I began to articulate the brilliant oranges in the sky and the way the ripples of the lake broke their reflection I thought I felt him stand up, and my heart started to pound just as it had in Paris.

Finally, I opened my eyes. He was on one knee in front of me, holding out an absolutely beautiful ring.

The words he said I treasure to myself, but my answer was yes! After much hugging and kissing and laughing, Timothy said he had to get something from the car. He came back with a Tupperware full of crepes, explaining that he had driven several hours to fetch them from my favorite shop that afternoon. Even though they were a bit soggy, it was the sweetest touch to a perfect evening. (He really did have dinner reservations at a steakhouse uptown. He had forgotten, however, about the protests that were taking place in Charlotte every night at that time. We got caught in the middle of a march trying to get back to the car!)

Photographer:  Casey Hendrickson Photography // Jewelry: Diamonds Direct // DIY or Handmade Goods Designer: Honey silks & co //


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