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The TikTok Wedding Hacks You Need to Know…


These are the TikTok wedding hacks you need to know to secure a show-stopping big day worthy of an internet sensation.


As much as we hate to admit it, we’re guilty of getting caught in the occasional (read: very frequent) TikTok scroll-hole. And during those occasional (read: very frequent) scrolls through viral videos, new dance crazes and Gen-Z musings, we sometimes stumble on little nuggets of gold that change our lives for the better. From cleaning tips to self-care, there seems to be a TikTok hack for everything, and your wedding day is no exception.

TikTok is a real treasure trove for money-saving wedding hacks, particularly when it comes to decor and DIY ideas. We’ve teamed up with party planner and event expert, Jess Martin from Ginger Ray, to comment on some of the top TikTok wedding hacks and offer her insight as to why they’re worth investing time in.

5 TikTok Wedding Hacks to try on your Wedding Day

  • Choose an adventurous arch
  • Trace and print your own seating chart
  • Go for glass for your centrepiece
  • Use cheesecloth as a base for a beautiful tablescape
  • Find a frame for your wedding sign

How to Build a TikTok-Worthy Wedding Arch

@vidachiceventsWedding Tip: Arch. ##weddingplanner ##arch ##flowers ##diywedding ##weddinghack ##wedding ##weddingday♬ original sound – The Wedding Planner

Often thought of as the apex of every wedding, the arch at the end of every bride’s long walk to the altar is always a standout moment. But it can often be an expensive addition to your wedding decor.From balloon covered arches to flourishing floral arrangements, many couples spare no expense.

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Thanks to TikTok, we’ve learnt a simple way to still go that extra aisle, but also save on flower costs: simply invest in an obscure shaped arch and only decorate the accents.

“Personally, this hack really stands out to me as not only a great way to save on precious wedding budget, but as a clever approach to making your ceremony truly unique,” says Jess.

“By choosing a rare shape for your arch – such as a pentagon, triangle or rectangle – you’ll only need to add balloons or foliage to the corners of the shape to achieve a chic overall look, rather than splashing out on covering every inch of your usual standard curved arch. You can get ready-made copper arches from around £70 too.

“I’d recommend ditching the curves to think outside the box, by literally adopting a boxier, edgier arch for your ceremony!”

Trace and Print Your Own Seating Chart

@kkrafts_Seating chart!! Made by me 💕 ##fyp ##weddingtiktok ##seatingchart ##diywedding ##HowTo♬ original sound – Kira Kosarin

Though seating charts are somewhat of a must at every ceremony, they’re not the most exciting use of your wedding budget. Following this TikTok hack, which has over a million views (and counting), could work wonders for you and your wallet: simply trace and shape a plastic sheet and press your print down with paint to create your own chart.

Jess adds: “Though this hack does require a little more effort than most, this trick could really help you save a substantial amount. Rather than purchasing a bespoke, personalised wedding chart, you could get a budget-priced acrylic sheet for as little as £19.99, which will give you the opportunity to create a truly tailored welcome sign without breaking the bank.

“Or, if you’re willing to tap into the nitty-gritty side of yourself and get your hardware tools out, you could follow this hack down to a T and chisel your own – all whilst saving your wedding budget for more exciting parts of your day.”

Create a TikTok-Inspired Wedding Centrepiece

@afrindesignsDoesn’t have to be complex to be romantic and pretty ##centerpiece ##weddingdecor ##diy ##diywedding ##tabledecor ##bts ##eventlife ##designer ##fyp ##flowers♬ Make Me (Cry) – Noah Cyrus & Labrinth

The clue’s in the name: centrepieces are often the centre of attention at your wedding breakfast (aside from the bride, of course). Depending on the theme of your wedding and your own personal hobbies and interests, centrepieces can range massively in versatility and style. If you like the simpler things in life, we recommend following the TikTok hack below – all you’ll need is some glass bowls, water, flowers and a candle or two.

“I’ve known couples to pour pounds into upscale floral arrangements and diamante studded ceramics, but, for me, simplicity is key, which is why this hack really appeals to me,” explains Jess.

“Filling a glass bowl with water and popping in some uncomplicated decorative flowers and candles seems like an obvious way to save cash, and look classy whilst doing so. Just be sure not to encourage your guests to get too rowdy, or else there might be some decorative spillage!”

Use Cheesecloth for an Trend-setting Tablescape

@fabuuulyssWedding Cheesecloth Table Runner DIY. 🌿🤍 #dustyblue #wedding #tablerunner #weddingdiy #diywedding♬ original sound – Raymond Salgado

DIY weddings have soared in popularity this year, which means using your own imagination when it comes to creating your own table settings. To really make them unique, and to cut down on costs, making your own table runners, using cheap cheesecloth, is a great DIY decoration hack.

“This hack is brilliant if you want to get that subtle mesh look for your table settings, without having to spend huge amounts. You can buy cheesecloth in bulk at a low cost, on sites such as Amazon.

“As explained in the video, dying the cloth is super easy, and means you can really add your own personal touch.

“I personally would go for light pastel shades, which are bang on trend right now.  They make a great base to layer up with foliage and artificial flowers in similar colours, followed by candles, confetti, and any other personal trinkets you want to add – to make your own beautiful tablescape.”

Frame Your Wedding Sign

@tri_sara_topzzzDIY Wedding Entrance Sign! ##wedding ##diy ##diywedding ##weddingtips ##PepsiHalftimeChallenge ##GetReadyWithOldSpice ##fyp♬ Skate – Trees and Lucy

Everyone knows that picture frames capture memories and art, their purpose is to preserve – so why not safeguard the most important day of your life and find a frame to make your wedding sign?

The popular TikTok wedding hack below sees a resourceful user tracing her wedding sign message onto the glass of an old picture frame, and spray painting the wooden case to reveal a state of the art wedding decoration.

“Be sure to pick a painting or photo that doesn’t hold too much personal significance for this, so that you’re not dishing out old memories to make new ones. By using an easily removable marker pen, who is to say that you can’t upcycle the frame once again as soon as the ceremony is over?

“Lastly, remember to place your sign out of reach of children, or clumsier guests (drunk uncle – I’m looking at you). Broken glass is the last thing you need on your wedding day!”

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