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Top 10 Love Songs of All Time For Her…


first dance - picking music to honor your bride - creating a soundtrack for your weddingFinding the perfect soundtrack for your wedding can be a daunting task, especially if you and your partner have different musical tastes.

You want to find love songs that can evoke the right emotion at the right time, like when you’re enjoying your first dance together or being introduced as a married couple.

Thankfully, there’s a love song for every occasion, from super sweet ballads to upbeat melodies that will have your guests singing along to your playlist. Here are some of the best love songs to honor your bride:

“My Girl” by The Temptations

So sweet and innocent, this classic love song for her appears on the 1965 The Temptations Sing Smokey album. Most people remember it from the tearjerker movie of the same name.

“You Are So Beautiful” by Joe Cocker

This song from the 1974 album, I Can Stand a Little Rain, is sure to make you swoon. Who doesn’t want to her significant other say: “You’re everything I hoped for/You’re everything I need?”

“Lady” by Kenny Rogers

Start with Lionel Richie’s writing talents, throw in Rogers’ silky smooth vocals and you end up with this passionate ballad from Kenny Rogers Greatest Hits album that appeared in 1980. It earned a spot on four different music charts: Country, Hot 100, Adult Contemporary, and Top Black Singles.

“The Lady in Red” by Chris de Burgh

de Burgh’s wife, Diane, is the lady in red from the song, which appears on his 1986 album Into the Light. It tells the story of meeting someone and remembering everything about the first encounter.

“Wonderful Tonight” by Eric Clapton

Pattie Boyd was the inspiration for this standout track from the 1977Slowhand album. Apparently, he penned it while she was getting ready for a party. Most women get sighs and complaints when they take their time getting dressed. She got a song.

“When a Man Loves a Woman” by Michael Bolton

This is the remake that melted countless hearts when it appeared in 1991 on Time, Love & Tenderness. It earned Bolton a Grammy Award and a spot at the top of the charts.

“(Everything I Do) I Do it For You” by Bryan Adams

Every girl would like to be the sole reason that a man does everything. Most people remember this from Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves soundtrack, but it is also featured on the 1991 Waking Up the Neighborsalbum.

“Take My Breath Away” by Berlin

The 1986 Top Gun classic that took home an Academy Award and a Golden Globe. It lives up to its name by taking your breath away and recreating the euphoria of new love.

“Hero” by Enrique Iglesias

Women everywhere wanted Iglesias to be their hero when this song came out on the 2001 Escape album. Lines like “Would you tremble if I touched your lips?” make it a sensual and epic love ballad that add a touch of drama to any wedding.

“I Just Can’t Stop Loving You” by Michael Jackson

A duet that appears on the unforgettable 1987 Bad album. It features the vocal stylings of Siedah Garrett, and opens with the lines that no hopeless romantic can pass up: “I just want to lay next to you/For awhile/You look so beautiful tonight/Your eyes are so lovely/Your mouth is so sweet.”

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