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Top 10 Things to Avoid in a Wedding Speech…


These things to avoid apply to anyone giving a wedding speech!

10. Speaking with your mouth full: When it’s about your turn to deliver your wedding speech, you should avoid chewing gum or eating. Remember what your mother told you when you were younger stop talking with your mouth full. Same thing applies to giving your wedding speech. You should speak clearly so that everyone can understand your message.

9. Anything too negative: Some light-hearted banter about the pitfalls of marriage is fine, but if you labor the point, people might start to think you really mean it.

8. Anything that involves “in-jokes”: If you think that half your audience won’t understand the meaning behind any witty double-entendres you plan to put in your speech, leave them out.

7. Anything crude or on a sensitive subject: Graphic sex, religion, or politics have no place in your speech – you are bound to offend someone in the room.

6. Anything too short: Even if you are crippled with shyness, standing up and mumbling “Thanks” just isn’t good enough.

5. Anything too long: You may think what you’ve written is hugely witty, but speak for much longer than ten minutes and you risk losing the attention of your audience.

4. Anything depressing: It is appropriate to mention absent friends and relatives, but keep the tone light. Going into lots of heart-rendering detail about a dead mother/father/friend is not suitable for a wedding.

3. Profanity: You should prepare a wedding speech that is free from profanity. Remember, the wedding is a family event. There are many children present on the occasion so better avoid cursing or saying any profane words that could ruin the event.

2. Anything too gushing: Don’t get carried away using overly flowery language that will embarrass everyone, most of all you!

And the number one thing to avoid in a wedding speech is…
1. Anything too personal: This is not the time to be sharing family secrets or stories about ex-girlfriends/boyfriends/wives/husbands!


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