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Up, Up and Away…


Balloon releases and sky lanterns have become hugely popular in the last few years.

The trouble is that in some places you really need to check on permitting and local ordinances.

Recently we chatted with Tampa Bay Master Wedding Planner, Tammy Waterman, of Special Moments Event Planning regarding a blog post she shared on her website.

Obviously, sky lanterns, as you see in Tangled, can cause fires depending on where they land. So local ordinances and venue regulations vary a lot depending on what the climate is like, how dry it is and how many fields and trees you might have around you.

But did you know that helium balloon releases are illegal in almost 15 states?

helium balloon releases- balloon releases for weddings - Tampa weddings

In Florida where Tammy is based, the release of 10 or more helium balloons can carry a fine of $250.00!

Be sure to check with your venue before making plans for sky lanterns and balloon releases.


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