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Wedding event season is almost here!  We have 3 great events coming up starting in November at Orchard Creek, Bridal Wars in Albany and our Winter Wedding Event at Pat’s Barn!

These events are packaged together as one!  Register for all 3 events with one payment of $395

  • Attend all 3 events, or just one or two.. it’s up to you!  If you register for all 3 events, you will get the lead lists from the events even if you are not in attendance.
  • Each event individually is $295,  if you would like to attend just one of the events, please email me to let me know which one and I will send you the link to register for that event.
  • There will be fantastic giveaways at each event for the attending couples to register to win!
  • Attending vendors will be listed and linked on the website when we receive your registration
  • Admission of $5 per person will be charged at the door
  • If you are planning to attend Bridal Wars, you will need to bring a table with you.

  • All registrations are final as we limit the number of vendors who can attend these events.


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