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Wedding Story: Sharda and Derrick…


This morning’s Head Over Heels Wedding Story comes from Sharda, a Perfect Wedding Guide North Carolina bride.

Here is Sharda’s story and her wish for all of you:

My wedding was everything I wanted it to be.

From the start it was stressful but I got through it with the help my amazing maid of honor. When I needed her she was there and talked to me through all my struggles. Anytime I had a meeting she was there and didn’t have any excuses.

Had some hick ups like any wedding will have but as long as you have that one or couple people to be by your side anything can go the way that it is needed to. I also had a couple others that was there by my side the day of the wedding.

You will have people that say they will come and celebrate with you but won’t come and that’s fine. Just know the ones that come will be your biggest and bestest supports and those are the ones you should embrace.

The wedding came and went but as long as I married my best friend that is all I wanted to do. And I did it under God’s will and grace.

Congrats to those that are getting married and those that are newlyweds like me.

It might seem hard and stressful in the beginning but when you are finally walking down to that special someone whoever they maybe you both will be the happiest people in the world.

Congratulations Sharda and Derrick, and thanks for sharing your Wedding Story.perfect wedding guide - North Carolina wedding - Charlotte wedding

My amazing brother was my photographer for my event. I was very blessed to have him.


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