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What to Ask When Cake Shopping…


One of the most exciting choices you get to make for your wedding day is dessert. Whether you’re planning a themed-wedding or going traditional, you want your cake personalized, ready to wow your guests, and most importantly, you want it to taste amazing.

But before you say, “I do” to your dream wedding cake, here is what you should ask when cake shopping.

1. How long have you been in the business?

You can’t pay for experience, you have to earn it. Maybe running up to a random bakery or the grocery store for a last minute birthday cake is acceptable, but for your wedding day, you’re going to want to know that your baker has the experience it takes to deliver the best product possible. Spending time going through online reviews, understanding why each baker is in business, and getting to know how they make their cakes is actually very important and beneficial. If you’re getting ready to spend your hard-earned cash on your wedding cake, you want to feel confident in your choice. 

2. How do you deliver your cakes?

This is a BIG one that a lot of couples forget about. It’s easy to imagine a trusted family member or friend swinging by the bakery on the day of the wedding to fetch the cake and bring it to the reception hall, but the reality of that is not always as sweet as it sounds. Rather than put unnecessary stress on a family member or friend, have the baker deliver the cake to your designated location. Most professional bakers will actually insist upon delivering the cake to your location, because a lot of times, additional set-up will be required. Discussing the correct location, timing and who the baker should talk to when they arrive is crucial for a smooth cake delivery. 

3. What is your pricing scale?

Okay, cake pricing can get real crazy, real quick. Depending on how many guests you have coming to your special day, your wedding cake could take a large chunk of your wedding budget. At the end of the day, the pricing of a wedding cake comes down to a few key factors: location, labor, and the cake decorator themself. Traditionally, wedding cakes tend to be pricier in big cities, so if you’re planning on having 500 guests at your downtown Nashville wedding, be ready to stretch your dollars for it. Labor is also something to think about when discussing your cake. If you’re looking to have all seven of the Harry Potter books put together to create a delicious masterpiece, remember it’s going to take a lot more than just the wave of a wand, which leads us to the final determining factor, the baker themselves. Sometimes, you’re paying for experience and professionalism. If you’re dealing with one of the best local bakers who’s done A-list events, don’t be surprised when you’re dealing with A-list prices, even if it is a simplistic cake design. 

4. Do you create custom cakes?

In a world of Pinterest and Kardashians, it’s very easy to imagine yourself with a customized wedding cake that looks like a million bucks, but be careful. Not all bakers do custom work. That’s right, some bakers either specialize in a certain type of cake and design or they work strictly from a portfolio. If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind wedding cake, make sure your baker is up to the challenge AND confident. Sometimes it’s easier to add a little something to a traditional design then to start completely from scratch with someone who doesn’t share your vision.

5. How far in advance is the cake prepared?

If your baker is making your cake two weeks before your wedding date, you may have a problem. In fact, there’s a reason some cake makers are booked an entire year in advance. A cake baker will have a strict timeline they will adhere to, which is why it’s important to schedule your cake as far in advance as you can. Knowing which elements of your cake need to and can be made in advance, is their job. Depending on the type of cake and it’s elements, baking the cake is the final step before assembly, ensuring your cake is as fresh as it can be. 

And there you have it! Before you know it, you’ll be shoving your delicious wedding cake into your significant other’s face at your reception, knowing that it only took about 3-6 months to get it there! 

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