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What’s Trending for 2018 Wedding Florals…


The last several years for wedding flowers have been dominated by flower crowns, pinks and blushes, and a more natural aesthetic for bridal bouquets. For 2018, some of these trends are hanging around, others are evolving, and some we are likely to see less and less of. Boutonnieres are also getting a makeover for 2018.

boho wedding bouquet

Bright colors are finding their way back into the spotlight for 2018, replacing the more muted and monotone pastels of the last few years. While many brides will likely still sport a mostly white bouquet, these bouquets will be accompanied by lush greenery. Brides will also continue to leave the traditional compact, ball shape behind in favor of free-flowing garden style bouquets, as well as other unique shapes for the wedding party. Sphere and wreathe-like bouquets are a couple of examples.

romantic wedding tablescape

Flower crowns have held the spotlight for a while now, but these large headpieces are gradually being replaced by more petite flower tiaras. Floral jewelry is also becoming a favorite. From floral statement necklaces to delicate flower bracelets, brides are finding more ways to include natural elements in their weddings that are out of the ordinary.

Boutonnieres are receiving some much-needed attention and getting an update as well. Designers are creating new shapes and styles, like pocket square and buttonhole bouts. Unique textures are being combined with the use of unusual flowers to give boutonnieres a look that is all its own, while still complimenting the bridal bouquet. To take this new style a step further, designers are also incorporating unexpected elements, like a holder created from an everyday item.

protea wedding centerpiece

Large floral installations are still expected to adorn reception spaces. The twist for this will be large floral designs that can be used during the ceremony and during the reception. Smaller individual centerpieces for tables will be used in favor of large floral chandeliers and wall decorations.

Brides are leaning more towards nature and escaping the hustle and bustle of everyday life on their wedding days. Personality and creating unique floral pieces are something to watch for in 2018!

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