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Winter Wedding DIY Decor Ideas With Poinsettia…



A fiery, foraged woodland wreath

This wild and textured wreath design is easy to recreate and really suits that other-worldly, woodland feel that’s been all over Instagram this year.

You will need:


A selection of festive foliages – either forage for yourself or ask your florist to source some for you (blue pine, spruce, Nordmann fir, juniper twigs, eucalyptus, twigs), a selection of poinsettias in varied sizes and colours, church candles, twine or green florist string, a round tray

Simply arrange your plants and foliages on your tray in a wreath shape. Placing sprigs on top of one-another in a circular motion will create an effective, rounded shape.

Loosely tie sprigs together to hold the shape. Then add your four Christmas candles to finish off the arrangement


Christmas wedding DIY decor ideas with Poinsettia


Fairytale festive hanging details


Christmas wedding DIY decor ideas with Poinsettia


Simple and effective, these festive hangings play along the lines of a Christmas take on boho bunting, made all the more special by personal touches and special details like teeny tiny water bottles holding cut poinsettia bracts. You will need: red string, wooden clothes pegs, sprigs of festive foliage (spruce, fir, pine etc.), personal additions like photos, postcards or hand-made paper snowflakes, miniature glass bottles, gold leaf or stickers, mini poinsettia plants – Attach your red string so it hangs across the room, or area you’d like decorated. – Use wooden clothes pegs, or simply more string, to attach your decorative bits like photos and foliage. – Decorate your glass bottles with gold leaf or stickers. – Cut bracts from your mini poinsettia plants and seal the ends of the stem by dipping in boiling water for 20 seconds. – Tie the glass bottles firmly to your line, carefully pour in water and insert a poinsettia bract in each.


Poinsettia & Cactus Arrangements

It’s told that a little girl named Pepita was too poor to buy a real present for baby Jesus on Christmas Eve. So instead she picked green twigs from a shrub on her way to church and tied them into a bouquet. When she placed her gift at the foot of the altar, suddenly the twigs bloomed in a magnificent red. From this day forward it became the country’s official Christmas flower.


Christmas wedding DIY decor ideas with Poinsettia


Wild Winter Poinsettia 

An alternative bridal bouquet idea full of foraged winter floral treats if your looking for something seasonal and a little less cliche! This one was created by award-winning wedding florist based in Hampshire using winter foliages with spirea, roses, viburnum, convolvulus, delphinium, reindeer moss, feathers and cream Poinsettia.


Christmas wedding DIY decor ideas with Poinsettia



Sparkling Christmas Decor Cones

You will need:

Stiff craft paper, gold pipe cleaners, mini-poinsettias, decorative tape, a stapler

Roll your craft paper into cones and stick together with tape.

Staple gold pipe cleaners to create little handles for your cones.

Without removing your mini-poinsettias from the plastic pots you bought them in, insert them into the cones. It’s best to keep them in their planters so that they can be removed and watered easily, without soaking the paper.

Hang your poinsettia cones on a tree, from the ceiling of your venue or to dress each place at your wedding tables!


Christmas wedding DIY decor ideas with Poinsettia



Poinsettia plant care fast facts

From November, poinsettias are available in stores everywhere. Dense foliage and yellow-green budding flowers in-between the coloured bracts are a sure sign of quality. Protect your poinsettia from the wind and transport it quickly to its warm new home. Keep it in a bright, warm spot (around 20° C). It can be close to a radiator, but not in direct sunlight or near draughts – so keep away from open doors, windows and fireplaces. Don’t overwater it by leaving a pool of water in the bottom of the pot it’s sitting in. Only water when the soil is almost completely dry. To use poinsettia leaves as fresh flowers in a vase, cut the bracts, dip the cut end in boiling water for 20 seconds, then immediately in cold water, and you’re ready to arrange.

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