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14 Must-take Groomsmen Photos!…


14 fun Must-take Groomsmen Photos

Step aside, brides! This one’s for the guys… We’ve found 14 fun groomsmen photo ideas that will make you giggle, smile and feel proud as punch when you look back at your wedding album! How many will you include on your big day photo list?!


Give me a lift!

The classic ‘lifting up the groom’ shot is more about the smiles it induces rather than the pose itself. Just look at those cheeky grins!

14 Must-take Groomsmen Photos! 'Groom Lift'


Strike a pose

This type of shot would work anywhere, but Blue Lights Photography have used the hay background at this country wedding to their full advantage.

14 Must-take Groomsmen Photos! 'Strike a pose'


Getting ready

Often the shot of the group getting ready for the shot is better than the real one!

14 Must-take Groomsmen Photos! 'Getting ready'



Walk on the wild side

Walking towards the camera is a classic wedding album staple. Try backdrops like your venue, reception and on the way to the ceremony. Keep it natural and un-staged for the full effect.

 14 Must-take Groomsmen Photos!




Head to toe

Ask your photographer to capture all the little groomsmen details – the buttonholes, ties and even their socks, should they decide to get a little creative!

 14 Must-take Groomsmen Photos! 'Groomsmen accessories'


Sail away

If your groomsmen are up for a laugh, why not try a shot like this? Your photographer will be able to suggest props and locations for the best shots on the day. Note Jack and Rose on the left!



We’re pretty sure the ladies will be stocking up on wedding morning selfies for their Instagram, so why not get a shot of the boys taking theirs!



Sport themed

Is your man sport mad? Ask your photographer to work his passion into the day. A sporting theme is a good option if your man is nervous about having his picture taken, too, as it gives him a prop to hold or something to focus on instead of posing for the camera.



Man’s best friend

If your dog is the second biggest love in your man’s life, capture a picture of the two of them on the big day. It will definitely give your album the awww factor.


Destination Shots

If tying the knot abroad, be sure to really make the most of your chosen destination. Sun, sea and swimming in the pool will create the best backdrops for the boys on the morning of the big day.


Smoking hot

Many of our real-life grooms choose to have a celebratory cigar at the end of the evening, and this shot captures that moment perfectly.



Men In Black

Classic and cool – your groom and his groomsmen have never looked so dapper all dressed up! Freeze this moment with a boys only summer wedding sunglasses shot.


The Outfit

It’s unlikely your groom and his groomsmen will ever take so much pride in their outfit choice and style for any other occasion. Photograph the groom and/or his groomsmen individually suited and booted and as early on in the day as possible when the button holes look their best.


The whole bridal party

The most fun wedding album favourites aren’t complete without a spontaneous group shot of the entire bridal party! Partner up your bridesmaids and groomsmen for the ultimate wedding shot to sum up your day! And if you really love it – why not print them on thank you cards to give to your guests?!



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