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2021 Best Handmade Christmas Cards Ideas…



Spending most time at home means more DIY opportunities and working on new skills you never have the time to do. The benefit is that you have the freedom to create anything your heart desires in any way imaginable and you can save some cost of having someone to create it for you. Since Christmas is just around the corner, why not make your own Christmas cards to channel your creativity this year? The Paperlust team has compiled a list of DIY Christmas cards for you. It’s time to get your creative juices flowing!


1. Stitched Shape Handmade Christmas Cards

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Stitched shape cards are a fun and easy way to personalize your handmade Christmas cards. All you need is some fabric cut into the desired size and shape (we used heart!), plus enough thread to attach it to the card. Make sure to use a large needle especially when you are using a thick card. You can pre-print the texts on the paper, otherwise, feel free to handwrite them!


2. Washi-tree DIY Christmas Cards

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Don’t have anything but washi tape from that DIY project last year? You can simply build a Christmas tree out of different sizes (and colours) washi tapes! Add handwritten notes under the “tree” and voila! Your very own homemade Christmas card is ready to hand out.


3. Fall Leaves DIY Christmas Cards

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If you do not have washi tape or stitching skills, nothing can go wrong with dried fall leaves glued to a white card. It’s very simple, cute and you can use different shapes of leaves to make each recipient special! If you have access to a home printer, you can print the wishes on it or just handwrite it if you want to make the Christmas card 100% DIY!


4. Buttons Custom Made Christmas Card

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Another easy idea for Christmas cards is these handmade crafty button cards. Find some leftover buttons or use some from your almost worn-out tartan shirts, and simply glue them onto the paper. Draw some hanging threads and write your own message under them. Tip: Never use a glue stick or tape to attach the buttons. Use a small amount of super glue so it can sit perfectly on the paper. You can consider a thicker card so it won’t be easily damaged by the glue. 


5. Deer Fingerprint Christmas Card Ornament

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Now is the time to get the whole family involved in the making! These funny Christmas card ideas are very fun to do. Get everyone to put their thumbprint on the cards, let it dry and draw a deer head out of it. Make sure you got a red marker to mark the mouth area to add Christmas vibes!


6. Origami Homemade Christmas Cards

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The next fun handmade Christmas card idea is bringing back origami games from our younger years. The easiest shape we suggest is this Christmas tree, but make sure to use three different coloured paper so it looks prettier. Furthermore, if you’re confident enough with your folding skills and want to try something more complicated, creating Santa’s head or Christmas socks would be the perfect challenge!


7. DIY Photo Christmas Card

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A Christmas card does not need to be something new and freshly printed. If you have a recent printed photo of your family from the holiday, just write your message on it, don’t forget to sign with love to make it even more personal and voila! You just did the easiest Christmas card photo ideas. Tip: since photo paper is too glossy for an ink pen, make sure you use a ballpoint pen to avoid smudges!

When it comes to DIY, the sky’s the limit. You can never be wrong to add anything to make your cards even more special. Now that we’ve shown you how to make Christmas cards from the things you can easily find at home, why don’t you start thinking about which one you will make? Nothing looks easy until it is done. So, good luck!


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