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Another Country Heard From…


We LOVE First Looks, we’ve made no secrets about that.

The intimacy, the couple being able to touch, kiss, hold hand and spend some time together.

We know that a majority of photographers we’ve heard from like them as well. It allows the couple to relax, spend time together and get some of the most amazing portraits.

But, recently we heard from another wedding professional who weighed in on the situation.

We recently heard a DJ comment that the biggest reason for First Looks is the crippling impact that a couple taking all of their photos after the ceremony can have on their timeline and their guests’ enjoyment of the day.

Unfortunately, some photographers get caught up in the moment or have a difficult time managing large wedding parties and things take longer than expected.

Couples and wedding party miss the cocktail hour, and guests are waiting and waiting for the introduction of the guests of honor to finally arrive.


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