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Best Honeymoon Destinations for July…


Tying the knot in July? While it’s one of the hottest months in North America, you may want to look elsewhere for your first getaway as a married couple. At Perfect Wedding Guide we know how important choosing your honeymoon destination is, so we decided to put together a list of our favorite places for a July honeymoon.

Here are the best honeymoon destinations for July:


If you’re a millennial, going to Iceland is probably on your bucket list. From the breathtaking views to the locals bursting with hospitality, Iceland offers a multitude of things to see and experience. Ironically enough, July is one of the best, if not the best, times to visit Iceland as well. Typically rainy and cold, Iceland in July is warm and boasts the most sunshine all year. You should still pack a raincoat though, just in case.

*Our team would recommend this location for couples who enjoy exploring, hiking, and photography.


While the northern hemisphere is experiencing summer, the southern hemisphere is experiencing winter, but that doesn’t mean it’s too cold to plan an adventure. Whether you’ve always wanted to see the Sydney Opera House or you just want to enjoy the wildlife down under, Australia is definitely a destination for the couple who wants to share a once in a lifetime experience. Plus, July in Australia is the dry season, so you’ll typically experience zero to no rain during this time. 

*Our team would recommend this location for couples who don’t mind a long plane ride.


If you’re looking to get tropical for your honeymoon, look no further than Jamaica. With gorgeous beaches, clear oceans, and plenty of sunshine, Jamaica may just be the ultimate getaway for couples who are thirsting for some quality time and relaxation. Jamaica is also home to many all-inclusive resorts, making it an amazing spot to have your honeymoon. Not enough adventure for you? Most of the resorts on the island offer excursion packages that you and your honey can enjoy together so you can make memories while still getting a tan. 

*Our team would recommend to couples who enjoy heat, beaches, and are looking for a leisure-based honeymoon with activities being optional.

Prague Honeymoon Destination

Czech Republic: 

Have you ever wanted to explore one of the oldest cities in the world? Visiting the Czech Republic’s capital of Prague may just be the trip you never knew you needed. With historic landmarks around every turn, you’ll enjoy exploring the Prague Castle, taking photos on the famous Charles Bridge, and passing the time as newlyweds in front of the Prague astronomical clock.

*Our team would recommend to couples who enjoy history, don’t mind a language barrier (if you don’t speak Czech), and are passionate about interior design, as Prague’s Museum of Decorative Arts has been a crowd pleaser since it’s first exhibition in 1900.


The northernmost state of the United States, Alaska is perhaps one of our favorite hidden gems. If you’re not looking to travel to another country for your honeymoon getaway, but still want to feel like you’re worlds away, Alaska is a good choice for you. With breathtaking scenery, very little wifi in remote areas, and wildlife galore, Alaska has become a popular spot for those who are looking to disconnect from the digital world and reconnect with themselves and each other.

*Our team would recommend staying in the city of Anchorage, where you can schedule a flightseeing adventure, visit nearby parkland, and enjoy days that never seem to end, as Anchorage experiences the most daylight of any other city in the U.S. between the months of March and September.

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